Does Your Marketing Team Have Unfinished Business?

UnfinishedBiz-312x192Anybody who’s ever had a “case of the Mondays” knows that movies parodying life at the office are sometimes the ones that make us laugh the hardest. Fans of the workplace comedy are likely chomping at the bit for the premier of Vince Vaughn’s latest flick, “Unfinished Business.”

We’ve got a lot of comedy fans here at Demandbase who are excited to see what happens when “a routine business trip goes off the rails in every way imaginable.” Of course, if you’ve been following or participating in our B2B Game Changer Tour, you know that our business trips are usually pretty impeccable, but the idea of “unfinished business” resonates strongly with our marketing and advertising philosophy.

In particular, we’ve noticed that there seems to be some confusion among marketers and vendors about what exactly the “full funnel” is. Full-funnel marketing means planning, nurturing and measuring the progress of key accounts from first touch to close and through the customer lifecycle. In plain English, that means marketers need to be accountable not just for prospects and leads, but also for pipeline opportunity, won business and customer success.

In our work with marketers, we’ve noticed that while this makes intellectual sense to almost everyone, it’s often unclear how to integrate marketing technology and programs in order to support this full-funnel reality.

The biggest point of misalignment is often ad campaigns. Part of this is because vendors use misleading language about what it means to advertise across the full funnel. It’s important to realize that advertising is not its own insular funnel. If you’re running an ad campaign and only have the ability to measure impressions or click-through-rate (CTR), it is absolutely impossible to connect your ad campaign to the things that really matter: pipeline opportunity and revenue.

You can run campaigns that have better CTR than others, but they will never really impact your company’s bottom line. That’s because running an ad campaign that only addresses the issues in your advertising funnel means that you’re not really doing the work that B2B marketers need to do: supporting Sales and driving growth across every stage of the buyers’ journey and customer lifecycle.

In other words, you’ve got unfinished business.

Special thanks to AdWeek and iStock for the Unfinished Business stock photo.