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Stop spamming and get relevant with Smarter GTM™.

Spam isn’t just unwanted email. It’s any uninformed, irrelevant interaction. It wastes your time and money. And annoys the heck out of buyers you were hoping to impress. You can do better.

Demandbase Account Intelligence injects relevance into every step of the buyer journey, so you can spot the ripest accounts, target the whole buying team, orchestrate personalized experiences, and focus your advertising and campaign dollars on the channels and messages that will find their mark. Oh, and measure the impact too. No waste. No frustration. Just low-friction, Smarter GTM™.

"From a marketing perspective, we're solving the question of knowing what accounts are coming to our site and what content areas they are interacting with most so we can continually optimize. From a digital advertising perspective, it gives a smaller company like ours the ability to get in front of our prospects in a way we wouldn't have had the budget for in a traditional model."
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Michael R. Mid-Market

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Check out these step-by-step “how to’s”

Use in-market intent and engagement to progress your opportunities

As a demand gen marketer, I have an account list. How do I use the activity insights to tailor my next campaign?

  • Prioritize your Target Account List (TAL) using selectors to isolate accounts with recent intent and marketing engagement activity.
  • Use this list to target engaged accounts with messaging that will hit the mark.
  • Take it up a notch. Deliver your hot list to sales so they can pile on.

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Problems solving in Market Intent

Crank up your top of the funnel advertising

As a digital marketer, I want to increase engagement with accounts that are showing meaningful intent.

  • Begin with your Target Account List (TAL).
  • Include the Journey Stage “Aware” to show accounts that are showing intent but not showing a high level of engagement with your brand.
  • Within Advertising, create a New Campaign, and use your new list to create a personalized campaign to drive awareness and engagement.
  • Move up to the big leagues. Use Site Customization to personalize your homepage and other popular pages to reinforce your messaging.

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Top of the funnel problem solving

Share your insights with sales

As a marketing ops manager, I want to make it easy for my sales friends to jump on high priority accounts.

  • Create reports using Selector criteria, like customers displaying high competitive intent signals in the last week.
  • Create and configure a Subscription from the desired report(s).
  • Select recipients, delivery channel (Slack/Email), and send frequency.
  • Get really fancy. Group multiple email Subscriptions into a Digest view for easy viewing. They’ll thank you.

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Sharing insights with sales

Orchestrate campaigns based on pipeline status

As a marketing ops manager, I want to automate campaigns and processes to make them less manual, more segmented, and more effective.

  • Build a Selector to include Key Contacts who belong to accounts that are in the MQA stage.
  • In Actions, choose the appropriate action based on your integrations. And don’t forget to include relevant details.
  • In Scheduler, set the automation to recurring on the desired cadence.
  • Take it to the next level. Activate campaigns and actions to fit the persona or account tier in question.

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Pipeline status

What else can you do with Demandbase One?

We thought you might ask. So we listed our most popular use cases below.

Build a B2B go-to-market foundation

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Find and prioritize accounts

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Engage target accounts

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Close more deals, faster

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Expand and retain customers

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