Measure Account Engagement Metrics for B2B Buyers

Drive Go-To-Market Efficiency with the Right Metrics


You Can’t Measure Go-to-Market (GTM) Performance If You’re Tracking the Wrong Metrics.

Measuring the success of your account-based GTM strategy relies on tracking B2B accounts, not leads. And relying on go-to-market (GTM) platforms that don’t include account engagement metrics is a recipe for inefficiency and wasted spend. With Demandbase One, you can measure account engagement across the buyer journey to ensure your GTM programs are delivering pipeline and revenue at the accounts you need. Stop wasting marketing dollars on random individuals and non-target accounts. Go to market the right way by measuring the quality of your GTM programs, not the quantity, with Demandbase One.

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Check out these step-by-step “how-to’s.”

Understand Program Impact

As a Demand Generation Marketer, I want to understand the impact of my marketing programs.

  • Use the date range picker to select the timeframe you want to review.
  • Click on Campaign/Program to view the table by campaign, or Type/Channel to view the table by channel.
  • See which campaign is driving the most pipeline.

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Measure Site Engagement

As a Demand Generation Marketer, I want to see which accounts are visiting specific pages of our website.

  • Filter Site Analytics for the specific pages you’re interested in.
  • Look at the account table to see which accounts are visiting those pages.
  • Create and subscribe to a report of accounts that are visiting those pages.

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Understand Engagement Trends

As an Account-Based Manager,  I want to understand when my target accounts and contacts are engaging with my ABM programs.

  • Select a specific account
  • View the Deal Story on the Engagement page
  • See which activities your key contacts are engaging in

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Assess Your Pipeline

As a marketing executive, I want to see data on where target accounts are in our funnel and how opportunities are converting within the quarter. We like your thinking.

  • Navigate to the Journey dashboard.
  • Select a timeframe and the list you’d like to analyze to get insights on accounts, pipeline opportunities, and account progression through the funnel.
  • View multiple lists at the same time to evaluate trends.

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Pinpoint Gaps in Engagement

As a Demand Generation Marketer, I need to know which personas have the least engagement so I can dial up my marketing programs.

  • Navigate to the Engagement Heatmap.
  • Select a view like ‘marketing campaign responses’ and ‘persona’ to visualize gaps in engagement activity.
  • Use the heatmap to prioritize which personas need additional attention.

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