B2B Account-based Analytics Platform

Marketing & Sales Target Accounts. So Why Measure Leads?

Measure account-based metrics that matter like engagement, journey stage movement, ad performance, and more.


Say good-bye to fragmented, lead-centric measurement

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Analyze account engagement, define account journeys, and track your target accounts’ progress across systems and journey stages. It’s all included with the Demandbase One platform. And it’ll make you the smartest person in the room when asked to predict your pipeline and measure the effectiveness of your GTM initiatives.

Companies tell us all the time they struggle to measure what counts. We hate that. Let’s make it easy for you with account-based analytics.

Account-Based Marketing and Sales Measurement Made Simple

Visualize account engagement and report on the account metrics that matter most for B2B.

  • Give your marketing and sales teams the metrics they care about, with custom, role-based dashboards.
  • Measure engagement across the buying committee with Engagement Minutes and Heatmaps.
  • See every interaction that leads to a deal with our unique Deal Story.

Account Journey Analytics

See where accounts are in the buyer journey and confidently report on program traction.

  • Keep a pulse on journey metrics like volume, conversion rate, and velocity. Slice it by stage or account list.
  • Use our out-of-the-box journey stages or define your own with custom qualification criteria for each stage. Your choice — either way it’s flexible and transparent.
  • Compare up to 3 account lists across the same or different time periods and dive into specific accounts to take action.

Account Territory Analysis

Spot gaps and opportunities within your sellers’ territories.

  • Pinpoint which territories have lower engagement and need some extra TLC.
  • Juice up your marketing to unengaged accounts and people. 
  • Prepare faster for territory reviews and QBRs.

Site Analytics

Stop flying blind. Know which accounts are visiting your website. 

  • Tap into our Account Intelligence™ to see which companies are visiting your website and which pages matter to them.
  • Create new audience segments based on page traffic and add them to sales and marketing campaigns. It takes just a few clicks.
  • Track campaign and channel performance, thanks to UTM codes.

Account-based Advertising Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your B2B advertising campaigns the right way.

  • Get full funnel reporting plus data on impressions, clicks and lift.
  • Go beyond just campaign-level metrics and evaluate publisher and creative performance.
  • Get ad campaign analytics right on your home dashboard.

Program Impact

Understand the impact of your CRM campaigns in relation to your target accounts.

  • Discover how programs and campaigns influence downstream pipeline and revenue.
  • See a breakdown of success by campaign or program type.
  • Modify columns to see additional details of your choice.

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