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Want to Measure ROI? It All Starts with a Baseline

Stephanie McArthur photo

Stephanie McArthur

Principal ABX Expert, Demandbase

Sales, Marketing, RevOps
What are baseline metrics and why are they essential?

If you want to measure the effectiveness of your ABM and go-to-market initiatives, you have to establish a baseline. A baseline is a starting point…where you are today. You need to measure it before you initiate any new programs.

Learn how to establish baseline metrics to prove ROI and run a 5-step pilot test to compare results.

ROI Recipe

The Undeniable Impact of Account Tiering on ROI

photo of Jennifer Hughes, Digital Success Director, Demandbase

Jennifer Hughes

Principal Digital Expert, Demandbase

Sales, Marketing, RevOps
Account tiering: The secret to faster ROI…
with limited resources

Account tiering categorizes accounts based on their projected value and aligns them with tailored sales and marketing engagement strategies. It isn’t just a nice-to-have tactic; it’s an operational imperative in today’s B2B sales world.

Learn how to build a 7-step account advertising campaign pilot for tier one accounts.

ROI Recipe

Intent Data: The Secret to Knowing Who’s Most Likely to Buy

Hannah Jordan Headshot

Hannah Jordan

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Demandbase

Sales, Marketing
What is buyer intent and why is it so important to really understand?

Buyer intent is behavioral information collected about an individual’s online activities that signal the person’s intent to purchase a product or engage with a service. Put simply, intent data helps us identify buyers who are most likely to purchase our product or service.

Learn how to use intent data to prove ROI in a 5-step process.

ROI Recipe

Beyond the Sales Funnel: How Journey Stages Lead to Increased ROI

Audrey Boles Headshot

Audrey Boles

Customer Data Insights & Analytics Manager, Demandbase

Marketing, RevOps
What are Journey Stages (and how are they different from the traditional sales funnel)?

What are Journey Stages and how are they different from the traditional sales funnel? Journey Stages are how an account moves through account-based marketing (ABM) — the customer’s path from initial awareness to final purchase (and beyond).

In this recipe, we explore the B2B buyer journey, how it differs from the sales funnel, how it drives ROI, and a 3-step process to test it out.

ROI Recipe

Compare Sales Performance Based on Go-To-Market Platform Usage

Jay Tuel Headshot

Jay Tuel

VP, Sales Development & Productivity, Demandbase

Sales, RevOps
The tie between B2B sales performance and go-to-market platform usage

Ever wanted to tie B2B sales performance and go-to-market platform usage to understand how using all the data available correlates to sales performance? You’re in the right place. In today’s economic climate, showing direct ways to impact ROI is not a nice to have; it’s a must.

In this recipe, we discuss the relationship between B2B sales performance and GTM platform usage (like Demandbase) in a 5-step process.