Our “Day in the Life” Persona Series

A “Day in the Life of Digital Marketing” with Hannah

Meet Hannah, Digital Marketer Extraordinaire

Demandbase gives digital marketers key features that provide insights into their ongoing campaigns and current channels. It’s also a place to easily create more targeted campaigns for any specific audience segment. Demandbase enables you to engage accounts using Piper, the only Demand Side Platform (DSP) built for B2B outcomes. Let’s review a theoretical day, which shows how Hannah utilizes Demandbase.

8am - Review Current Campaign Health

Hannah starts her day by reviewing current campaign performance with campaigns in-flight using Demandbase's Piper B2B DSP. She ensures that the KPIs are exceeding benchmarks.

9am - Review Channel Acquisition Quality

Using Site Analytics, Hannah can review the types of accounts coming in through each of her channels. This allows her to double-down or pull back on spending in each channel.

10am - Create a Web Personalization Experience to Increase Engagement

Hannah is seeing target account traffic increasing but she wants to maximize engagement. She can easily create web personalization experiences with tailored content to keep visitors engaged on site.
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11am - Review Pipeline and Revenue Influence

Hannah is typically asked, “how is the company contributing to pipeline and revenue with advertising channels?" She can easily review this very question using Demandbase Journey Analytics.

12pm - Manage Creatives using Creative Library

Hannah received new ad creatives that she requested from her design team! Using the Creative Library, she uploads and organizes them. This will make them easy to use for future campaigns.

1pm - Create a Targeted Advertising Campaign

As Hannah discusses account-based strategies internally with other marketing stakeholders, she easily creates a campaign to support any given marketing message or initiative.
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2pm - Create and Manage Audience Syncs with Facebook/LinkedIn

Now that Hannah created a campaign using the Demandbase Piper B2B DSP, she also wants to execute campaigns in different channels. Using Demandbase, she syncs advertising lists dynamically to different ad networks (Google/YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, Adobe, Bing, Twitter).

3pm - Review Web Engagement from Newly Launched Campaigns

It’s easy for Hannah to review the levels of engagement from traffic coming from her advertising channels. This allows her to assess if she’s attracting the right type of individuals, but to also review the landing page and content being displayed to them.

4pm - Advanced Reporting Needs

Since Hannah has a digital marketing colleague that supports her at Demandbase, she can request any advanced report such as campaign wrap-up presentations, and more.

5pm - Check on tomorrow’s schedule

Hannah reviewed and optimized everything she could for the day. As she prepares for tomorrow, she can decide what future campaigns are important to her business. Whatever her future advertising needs are, she’s confident Demandbase will deliver the consistent result she has learned to expect.

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