B2B Account Intelligence: Your Data + Our Data + AI

Account Intelligence Infuses Insight into Every Step of the B2B Buyer Journey

Light up in-market opportunities. Engage based on insight, not hunches.

The B2B buyer journey is complicated and mostly hidden from marketers and sellers. But buyers take actions every day that signal their intentions. Smart revenue teams harness this intel to engage the best opportunities when and where it counts most. Without it, you’re throwing time and money at hunches.

Demandbase’s go-to-market platform is built around Account Intelligence, which combines your sales and marketing data with our validated B2B data — all made sense of by the best AI in the biz — and put into action through Demandbase One™.

Account Intelligence First and Third Party Data

The magic behind Account Intelligence

It starts with your first-party B2B data — the rich insights buried in your CRM, marketing automation, email, and online chat systems. We clean it and match it with our ethically-sourced third-party data to create a true 360° view of your accounts.

Using our predictive models, we mine the data for insights and actionable recommendations. It adds up to rich Account Intelligence that lets your GTM teams spot the best opportunities earlier, engage more intelligently, and close deals faster.

See what makes our intel smarter 

First-party sales and marketing data from more systems

You work with leading marketing and sales technologies. We do too. We capture data from your systems, scrub it, and match it to put your accounts in sharper focus and uncover deeper insights.

Marrying your marketing automation, CRM, email, calendar, and website data with ours, we’re able to deliver:

  • Lead-to-account mapping so you don’t waste time chasing irrelevant leads
  • Selectors so you can build and activate highly targeted segments
  • More precise predictive models to zero in on the accounts most likely to buy
  • Journey stage mapping so you can tailor your messaging and outreach to where prospects are in their buyer journey
  • Engagement heat maps to focus all your resources on your hottest prospects
  • Automated data cleansing and enrichment to keep your data accurate and up to date

The world’s most reliable third-party B2B data provider

Pulled from more than 40,000 sources, we triangulate and validate our B2B data at a scale and speed humans can’t match. We apply machine learning, AI, and a touch of human-validation. The result: exceptional accuracy.

99M+ Companies

Detailed firmographics, including industry, revenue, employee count, location, financials, account hierarchies, and more.

575K+ Intent Keywords

Demandbase’s proprietary intent data combines the breadth and flexibility of bidstream keywords with the quality of curated content.

21K+ Technologies

Intel on the technologies your accounts own — including software hidden behind firewalls that most others can’t see.

150M+ B2B Contacts

B2B contact details and timely insights on 150+ million (and growing) real decision-makers around the globe.

3.7B+ IP Addresses

The most accurate B2B account match rates, generated by a model trained by hundreds of billions of signals.

110M Social Profiles

Alerts about sales triggers like company expansions, leadership changes, and acquisitions, plus social and blog feeds.

"Our sales organization is completely blown away at being able to see information about their accounts – how they're engaging and where they're engaging with us."
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Shellie Smith Head of ABM, Americas, Autodesk

B2B contact and company data, with the junk filtered out

Our contact and company databases aren’t the largest — they’re the best curated. We clean up all the stuff you don’t need, like sole proprietorships, duplicates, and fictional entities that other data providers include.

Public (all sizes)
Private (50+ employees)
Private (5+ employees)
North America
Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the /Middle East

Global data for a global world

31 Million 84.3 Million 34 Million 36 Million 24 Million 12 Million 189,000 2.7 Million 6.8 Million 5.8 Million 268,000 2.7 Million 2.0 Million 4.3 Million

Leading B2B companies crush the competition

Activate Account Intelligence your way

Automate and optimize the digital buyer journey with Demandbase One, the Smarter GTM™ platform.

Don’t bring hunches to a data fight

Trustworthy data and real insights are the path to relevance. See Account Intelligence in action.

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