Our “Day in the Life” Persona Series

A “Day in the Life of Sales” with Alex

Meet Alex, sales rep extraordinaire

Demandbase One™ is a key tool for sellers to get insights on their prospects and to prioritize account outreach. It helps them understand what their accounts are researching on the web and how they're engaging with your organization. Let’s see how Alex uses Demandbase One™ in her day-to-day.

9am – Attend meetings and calls with prospects

Alex starts her day attending meetings and demos with prospects. She actively listens to their pain points and demonstrates how her product can help address them.

10am – Look at Prioritized Account List

After her scheduled calls, Alex reviews the accounts to reach out to on her Prescriptive Sales Dashboard. With this prioritized list of accounts, it’s easy for Alex to know which account is engaging and why. She can see which accounts have trending intent or have visited specific web pages, making her outreach easier.

11am – Review real-time website activity

The morning is flying by and Alex receives a Slack notification of an account visiting her company's website. She sees that the account is engaging with their newly published ebook and decides to craft an email around that content.

12pm – Review known activities from target accounts

As she’s wrapping up pending tasks before lunch, Alex looks at a snapshot email to see what type of engagement is coming from her target accounts. She sees that one of her top prospect accounts just filled out a form for one of their guides, so she sends out an email to see if she can answer questions about that piece of content. She also takes a quick look to see if there are any new contacts that are engaging with content. This helps her multi-thread the account for greater buy-in.

1pm – Review unknown website activity from target accounts

Now that she’s done with lunch, Alex continues to look at her snapshot email for additional insights. Who needs dessert when you can uncover unidentified website activity from your target accounts? Clicking into the website traffic, Alex selects one of the accounts to deep dive into the pages the account is visiting. Looks like the account filled out a demo request form! Score! Time to reach out!

2pm – Review intent data from target accounts

Eager to see which accounts to focus on next, Alex navigates to her Sales Engagement Platform (Outreach) to review which accounts and contacts Demandbase recommends she engages with. She's able to see a unified and prioritized view of her territory via the prescriptive sales dashboards, which give direction on where she should focus, when she should reach out, and what she should say - all within Outreach!

3pm – Reach out to key contacts based on activities

With just a few working hours left, Alex wants to make sure she’s on top of her key contacts. In just one click, she chooses the dashboard that shows her the people Demandbase recommends she reach out to this week. This ranked list of contacts is sorted with consideration of the contact’s recent web and intent activity, presence in the buying group, and previous engagement with her company.

4pm – Outbound into unaware accounts with personalized messages

Time is of the essence, and Alex knows it. She reviews her list of recommended contacts and decides to add some of her top ranked contacts to an Outreach sequence. She starts by selecting Carrie, which presents a few options, including add to Outreach. With a specific sequence already in mind, Alex adds Carrie and sends the first email.

5pm – Create call/email list for tomorrow

Before calling it a day, Alex reviews tomorrow’s schedule and her dashboards to prioritize which accounts to call and follow up with tomorrow. It’s easy for Alex to stay organized and on top of her territory with Demandbase insights available in her Outreach, CRM, Chrome Extension, and standalone platform. Now she can go enjoy that happy hour she’s been looking forward to for weeks!

Learn more about the Demandbase One™ platform and get the job done like Alex did!