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Smarter Intelligence is the Demandbase advantage. It fuels Smarter GTM™ with the richest, most reliable insight in B2B. And we tie it to astonishing automation, so you can deliver relevance to the right accounts and the right people at every turn.

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Unmatched visibility into your anonymous web visitors

B2B buyers drop clues about who they are across the digital universe, but it takes enormous depth and breadth of data — and the ability to interpret it — to match anonymous signals to accounts and interpret patterns of engagement.

  • We tap into more than 400 billion account identification signals every year across our demand-side platform (DSP), client, and partner networks.
  • We run all these signals, volume and time patterns, and a massive set of proprietary IP (and cookie) data through super-smart AI.
  • The result: the industry’s most accurate account identification.

Account Identification

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The most relevant and reliable company and contact data

Data doesn’t matter if it’s not reliable and relevant.

  • We start with data from more than 40,000 news, financial, and social sources, including trusted vendors such as S&P Global Market Intelligence and Equifax.
  • We use multiple data aggregation methodologies, because they each have different strengths.
  • And we love AI, so we use it to triangulate every data point against multiple sources. It’s the most precise way to validate massive amounts of data at scale.
  • Then we do one better, since constantly changing data will never be 100% accurate. We provide an easy way for users to flag and correct inaccurate data, which our editorial team swiftly verifies before updating the record — typically within 48 hours or less.
  • Before we deliver it to you, we scrub one more time to cut any irrelevant garbage so you don’t waste your time. How’s that for data you can trust?

Company Data B2B Contact Data

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Anonymous intent revealed

Even before cookies started to crumble, buyers had become pretty good at hiding. Don’t worry. We’ve learned to read the signals.

  • We analyze more than 1 trillion intent signals every month — from content to ads — to evaluate buyer intent and determine which accounts are in-market for products like you sell.
  • We crank up the relevance by using AI and machine learning to “read” the content on any given page to pick out what’s truly relevant from the noise.
  • With earlier and more nuanced insight into who’s ready to buy, you’ll avoid chasing dead-ends and spot the best opportunities in time to influence them.
  • And it gets better. You can also add buyer intent signals from Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and any other provider you choose. Because more is always better when it comes to intent.

Intent Data

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Rich and actionable technographics

Your ICPs are about to meet their perfect match. Save time, money, and heartache when you focus on target accounts that have the right combination of technologies to fit with your products, and the budget to buy what you’re selling.

  • We track over 19,000 technologies, including behind-the-firewall software and hardware most data providers can’t see.
  • We build on that insight, as the only provider of IT spend and other predictive modeling like ‘next technology purchase,’ so you can segment precisely around factors like software, hardware, services, and marketing budget.
  • Combine that with our best-in-class intent signals, and you’ve got yourself a firehose of ideal opportunities.


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Safeguarded from penalties and other adverse impacts

Data and privacy laws are gathering steam, and Demandbase takes them seriously. Our data comes from privacy-compliant sources and we operate in full compliance with data and privacy laws and regulations.


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The richest data, made richer — as iron sharpens iron

Smarter Intelligence comes from a virtuous circle of insight and accuracy. Our account ID powers company-specific targeting on our unique B2B DSP. Billions of interactions from our DSP feed into our B2B buyer intent. Intent signals in turn improve the targeting and bid optimization of our DSP to reach the hottest in-market accounts and buyer groups — and so on.

Our data enriches and hones itself to create extraordinary reliability and insight. And it’s all integrated into our go-to-market tools, fusing insight to action with the highest fidelity. It adds up to the clearest vision of B2B buying and behaviors you’ll find anywhere, married with the tools to activate it. Can you live without it?

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"Our main use case was intent data for existing accounts and building new target account lists. Demandbase is surfacing a lot of data points which really helped us focus on right accounts at the right time."
Rahul P Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

From insight to action

The richest insight into B2B buying accounts and their behavior — what we call Account Intelligence — won’t get you far if you can’t act on it at scale. That’s why we embedded it in our GTM clouds so you can deliver deeply relevant interactions when buyers want them. And we make it easy.

Start wherever you are, inject Account Intelligence, then activate it to orchestrate your account-based programs, build awareness with B2B advertising, improve sales effectiveness, and enhance your existing systems — everywhere you interact with buying teams. Our suite of cloud solutions combines our integrated data with smart automation, sales and marketing coordination, and meaningful measurement. It’s the only fully unified solution in the market that connects Smarter Intelligence with best-in-class tools to act on it.

Smarter Intelligence comes to life in our clouds

Account intelligence
ABX cloud icon

Account-Based Engagement

ABX Cloud

Coordinate all your go-to-market touches for spam-free, low-friction buying.

Digital air cover, Advertising Cloud

Digital Air Cover

Advertising Cloud

Reach the whole buying team with the offers most likely to accelerate interest.

Intelligence everywhere, Data Cloud

Your Inside Advantage

Sales Intelligence Cloud

Show your team who matters most to you — and what matters most to them.

Inside advantage, Sales Intelligence Cloud

Intelligence Everywhere

Data Cloud

Integrate insights where they matter most — where your people and systems touch your prospects and customers.

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