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Sales orgs face a visibility problem: prospects are well on their way to a decision before you know they’re even in the market. And the fallout is brutal. You miss active, engaged buyers, and sales and marketing prioritize the wrong accounts.

There’s a better way

Account Intelligence — data-enhanced, AI-powered insight that pulls together all the buying clues from your data and third-party sources to spot hidden intent.

See your accounts in hi-def so you can shift your strategy from spray-and-pray to focus on the juiciest opportunities.

"Demandbase is a great tool to move your targeting from a one-to-many to a one-to-one and do some true ABM tactics. Working with your sales teams and then this tool, you can truly target the leads that your sales team is looking to get into, or even better, help them move through the pipeline by targeting your opportunity accounts."
Michael R. Marketing Manager, Enterprise

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Want to get practical?

Check out these step-by-step “how to’s.”

Uncover net new accounts

As a demand gen marketer, I want to target accounts that are not in our CRM with an awareness campaign. I’m interested in accounts showing intent on specific keywords.

  • That’s easy. Dynamically identify all accounts outside your CRM with recent onsite engagement and keyword intent.
  • Add additional filters using specific keywords, engagement minutes, and a host of other variables for laser-focused marketing campaigns.
  • Take it to the next level. Share net new accounts with sales to align on strategy. Add qualified leads to your next account-based campaign.

Dive into the Engagement Platform

Demandbase interface graphic

Reach out to the right people at my accounts

As a sales rep, I want my outbound efforts to be productive. I need to find contacts who are most likely to be interested in what I’m selling.

  • We can help. Search for the right contacts at target accounts by job title, level, function, and more.
  • Filter on mutual connections to refine your list to those who are most likely to engage. Then draw on news and social insights to help start the conversation.
  • Do one better. Take our data with you wherever you browse, whether you’re on LinkedIn, company websites, or anywhere on the web.

Sales Intelligence Cloud

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Understand in-market intent and engagement

As an account exec, I have an account list. How can I further segment it to focus on the best accounts for outreach?

  • Clarify and prioritize your target account list by isolating accounts with recent intent and marketing engagement activity.
  • Use this list to target the engaged accounts with your relevant messaging. It’s that easy.
  • Take it up a notch. Share your list with your sales development team (wrapped up with a bow) to deepen engagement across the account.

Discover smart targeting

In-market intent engagement graphic

Deliver intent and engagement insights to sales

As a marketing ops manager, I want my sales teams to receive actionable information — everyday — to prioritize their outreach.

  • Create reports using Selector criteria, like customers displaying high competitive intent signals in the last week.
  • Create and configure a Subscription from the desired report(s).
  • Select recipients, delivery channel (Slack/Email), and send frequency.
  • Get really fancy. Group multiple email subscriptions into a digest view for easy viewing. They’ll thank you.

Account-Based Sales

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Identify accounts researching competitors and reach out before it’s too late

As an account manager, I want to know when my customers are checking out competitors so I can head off potential churn.

  • Starting with your account list, use Selectors to filter on recent Competitive Keyword Intent and Desired Renewal Date.
  • Start a conversation based on competitive insights.
  • Do one better. Work with your customer success teams to develop nurture campaigns and personalized outreach that will keep customers engaged and win back wandering customers.

Engagement Platform

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Create a competitive take-down campaign

As a demand gen marketer, my competitors are winning market share and I want to create a campaign to target their customers.

  • Use technographics to build out a list of accounts that use your competitor’s technology.
  • Target those accounts with key messages.
  • Send them to a custom landing page that explains why you’re really a better choice.
  • Pile it on. Provide value-added content like ebooks, webinars or marketer-to-marketer conversations and leave no doubt why you’re the smarter choice.

Engagement Platform

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Unspam Your Brand


Unspam Your Brand

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What else can you do with Demandbase Account Intelligence?

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