Demandbase B2B Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Don’t Bring Consumer Ad Tech to a B2B Advertising Fight

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You wouldn’t use Yelp to reach your business prospects, so why would you use a consumer demand side platform (DSP) for B2B advertising?

B2B sales cycles work differently than consumer ones: they’re complex, lengthy, and team-driven. And reaching B2B buyers isn’t cheap, so you’d better get the targeting right.

Demandbase is the only demand side platform (DSP) built around B2B accounts and buying teams.

Other account-based platforms rely on third-party DSPs designed for B2C. Need account-level visibility, reporting, and optimization in your ad tech? It’s all there. You won’t get that with a DSP built to sell boots.

Take a look under the hood. Go ahead. We’re a little different.

Get better results with the only demand side platform (DSP) built for B2B
Get higher-quality impressions with adtech that factors in historical intent, page content, and current campaign pacing.

Optimize for B2B success
We optimize for results that drive B2B revenue — account lift, engagement, and account reach — automatically, 24/7.

DSP for B2B

Reach the right people at the right accounts
Pinpoint your named accounts by corporate or home IP address, cookies, industry, revenue, etc. Then target the buying team members based on job level, role, and intent.

Leave no account behind
Pace your campaigns and balance impressions across accounts and individuals. Automatically.

Reach the right people

Measure real goals, not vanity metrics
See how impressions and clicks contribute to pipeline, deals, and revenue — at the account or individual level. Your choice.

Protect your brand rep
With full control over ad destinations and a whitelist of B2B-safe inventory, you don’t have to worry where your ads are tonight.

Measuring tape

Stop stressing about account-based marketing (ABM) integration
Our demandside platform is fully integrated with Account-Based Experience (ABX) Cloud for consistent cross-channel segmentation and activation.

Budget like a CFO
Plan your budget — and avoid ugly surprises — with dynamic or fixed cost-per-thousand (CPM) models.

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Choose DIY or work with our experts
We offer self-serve or fully supported campaign options. We’ll even create the ads for you!

Plan for life after cookies
We use cookieless attributes like IP addresses and domain names to precisely identify targets and boost campaign performance, so you don’t have to sweat it.

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