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Engage Buyers With The Smartest B2B Advertising Platform

Use the Demandbase B2B DSP to increase engagement and pipeline by reaching the right people within the right accounts, when they’re ready to buy.

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Drive awareness, opportunities, and revenue with a next-gen B2B advertising platform.

Most adtech is built for the individual consumer — designed for reach, clicks, high volume/low consideration e-commerce transactions. B2B is different. The B2B sale is way harder. Bigger buying teams. Longer sales cycles. Dozens of touchpoints before the deal is sealed.

That’s why Demandbase built our B2B demand side platform (DSP). Our ad tech understands the complexities of B2B. It has been optimized over many years to deliver the performance you should expect in 2023 — with high volume and accuracy.

Maximize B2B Revenue Influence.

The Demandbase Advertising platform is purpose-built to increase revenue for B2B companies.

  • Self-optimizing campaigns remove the need for constant monitoring and changes.
  • Powered by a combination of intent and people based advertising — the best possible way to serve impressions to the right individuals.
  • Selectable, AI-Powered campaign outcomes maximize performance.

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Advertise More Intelligently

Our demand side platform (DSP) is more precise and more efficient for B2B because it’s driven by Demandbase Account Intelligence.

  • Combine your first-party data with our rich, deep B2B dataset including intent signals.
  • Account ID reaches buying groups at work, at home, or at their neighborhood Starbucks.
  • Smart bidder manages dynamic media bids on your behalf, spending the right amount for each impression every time.

Segment Advertising Audiences Like a Pro

Creating dynamic advertising audiences is a must have to ensure each account gets the right message.

  • Create personalized segments based on any known or anonymous behavior flowing into Demandbase.
  • Align your message to the account buying journey to create a cohesive experience.
  • Kick-off cross and upsell campaigns with existing customers to accelerate growth.
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Reach Your Target B2B Accounts Across Multiple Advertising Channels

A multi-channel approach to advertising is always the best route.

  • Launch display, retargeting, native, and video campaigns with Demandbase.
  • Bring web-based intent to connected TV advertising.
  • Sync advertising audiences to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Adobe, Bing, Google, and YouTube.

Performance Transparency in Every Advertising Campaign

Don’t settle for surface-level campaign metrics. B2B requires complete transparency into performance.

  • Review account engagement, lift, and how campaign influence is accelerating accounts through the buying journey.
  • See which job levels and departments are interacting with your ads, including known contacts.
  • Review ad creative performance, allowing you to replicate the more successful strategies.

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