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Drive awareness, opportunities and revenue with next-generation account-based advertising

Traditional advertising technologies are built primarily with consumer outcomes in mind - reach, clicks, high volume/low consideration e-commerce transactions. B2B is different. It’s about accounts, not individuals. It’s about measuring and acting on real-time buyer Intent signals, not stale, off-the-shelf consumer data sets. It’s about customizing and personalizing messages to different members of buying committees at different stages in the account journey.

Demandbase offers the only B2B DSP built from the ground up to optimize for account-based outcomes with Self-Serve and Managed options that allow for complete control over who, how, and where ad impressions are targeted and delivered to accounts. The Demandbase Advertising Cloud is both precise and scalable and 100% integrated with the core Demandbase Engagement platform – giving you actionability and measurement that captures what really matters in B2B. All of our campaigns utilize AI for bid optimization, impressions are served on a premium whitelist of brand safe websites, and offer comprehensive campaign reporting that shows pipeline and transparency at the account level. You know, like B2B should.

Cookie & IP Targeting

Reach accounts and the buying committee wherever they are.

  • Use flexible options like IP- or cookie-first advertising to reach buyers from target accounts at work, at home, or at a coffee shop.
  • Leverage intent signals to pinpoint key personas within your target accounts, allowing you to focus more budget on the people that matter the most.
  • Identify your target accounts with AccountID across the web.

Cookie & IP Targeting

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DSP Built for B2B

Minimize unnecessary spend with precision and scale.

  • Optimize every impression served with the only DSP built for the needs of B2B.
  • Automatically focus budgets where they can make the most impact, combined with dynamic bidding to spread impressions evenly across accounts.
  • Deliver ads on high-quality, brand safe sites with transparent reporting on where your ads are placed.

DSP Built for B2B

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Dynamic Campaign Segments

Place accounts into the most relevant campaign automatically.

  • Target the buying committee with the right message, and the right content, at the right time.
  • Create rules to automatically add or remove accounts within every advertising campaign.
  • Accelerate the velocity of accounts in every journey stage, both pre-sales and post-sales.

Dynamic Campaign Segments

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Intent-Based Advertising

Pinpoint the buying committee.

  • Focus your advertising on real behaviors, not titles that guess at an individual’s role and participation in buying decisions.
  • Reach decision makers within your target accounts showing intent signals for your products and services.
  • Prioritize the high-intent individuals within each target account to penetrate the entire buying committee.

Intent-Based Advertising

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Self-Serve & Managed Services

Choose which method works for you.

  • Manage and build advertising programs based on your budget and resources with complete control over your ad strategy, creative and campaigns.
  • Take advantage of our managed services that include strategy and budgeting recommendations, launching and optimizing, and post-campaign insights.
  • Access forecasting tools that assess impression inventory using the campaign specifications you entered to maximize your campaign results.

Self-Serve & Managed Services

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Customer story

We decided to do some targeted advertising with Demandbase. We focused on making sure they saw our ads front and center under a specific solution set. We were able to see a really nice lift over a short period of time. In some cases, over 200% lift and about 17 accounts that have never engaged with us before, engaged with us... We drove about $65,000 with these accounts alone. It was a big win for us.

Shellie Smith, Head of ABM, Americas, Autodesk

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Reach the full buying committee and attract your target accounts with the only DSP built for B2B.

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