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Enterprises have no time to waste. Cut to the chase and focus on the accounts that matter.

B2B go-to-market (GTM) has a problem: buyers and boards expect more from revenue teams. Like knowing who you’re marketing to — accounts and people at those accounts, not leads. Traditional lead gen marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need an enterprise solution you can trust that helps you focus your time and energy on the accounts that matter, in a way that can scale with your organization.

Demandbase is Smarter GTM™

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Our enterprise solutions, infused with Account Intelligence, enable precise next-gen B2B marketing and ABM that understand how buying happens in the real world — across every team and every journey.

How? By connecting the dots between your critical account data to deliver buying insights you can trust.

Start simple

It’s hard for enterprise revenue teams to square the complexity of account-based marketing and selling with enterprise scale. And the result? Opportunities are fumbled. Account Intelligence helps enterprise revenue teams overcome that complexity to take the shortest path to the juiciest opportunities along the whole buying journey.

Begin wherever you are, with any one of our cloud solutions — ABX, Advertising, Sales Intelligence, or Data — or go big and implement the entire suite as a single, elegant solution.


It couldn’t be easier to get started. Simply upload your data via CSV file. You can integrate CRM and marketing automation if and when you’re ready. Out of the box configurations get you moving fast from day one.

Know who to target

You can’t target enterprise accounts with junky data. Simple as that. Use Demandbase to discover accounts showing interest, whether they’re in your CRM or not on your radar yet. Prospecting is made easier with a single account view for your marketing and sales teams to collaborate on, enhanced with Account Intelligence.

Create precise audiences to target using our AI-powered account selection, then engage them with relevant advertising via the only purpose-built B2B DSP. Win-win.

Identify anonymous traffic

Why waste valuable real estate messaging to accounts that don’t matter. Identify anonymous web visitors using Demandbase Account Identification and your existing web analytics to better understand who’s visiting your website. Then target them with personalized ad and web experiences to catch their attention and close the deal.

See what’s possible

Identify new markets

‘As a demand gen marketer, I need to increase our pipeline.’

  • Discover in-market accounts that aren’t on your radar yet.
  • Identify enterprise accounts most likely to become opportunities with our predictive models.
  • Identify anonymous accounts visiting your website and target them with personalized experiences.
  • Take it to the next level: Create a nurture series for the accounts not in your CRM.

See it in action

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Make sense of the mess

‘As a sales leader, I want to arm my team with insights to prioritize the most important accounts.’

  • Create report subscriptions and snapshot emails for your sellers for instant account intel.
  • Enrich your contact data with additional insights from our data.
  • Create and share Quick Cards with insightful data using a combination of filters and menu selections.
  • Be even smarter: Use the Sales Intelligence Cloud to get the latest and most actionable news about prospects.

Dive into the Engagement Platform

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Turbocharge enterprise cross-sell and upsell opportunities

‘As an account manager, how can I segment my book of customers for better growth conversations?’

  • Segment your target enterprise accounts based on products they own — or don’t — to find new opportunities.
  • Better yet, combine it with intent signals to create an audience for upsell and cross-sell outreach.
  • Using Selectors, build criteria for post-sales stages to spot hidden opportunities.
  • Bump it up a notch: Look back at conversations around products they didn’t buy. Maybe it’s time to re-engage.

See the goods

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Understand how target accounts are engaging

 ‘As a digital marketer, I want to know which accounts are engaging with my campaigns so I can prioritize them for further outreach.’

  • Tap into your target account list (TAL) to pinpoint relevant accounts and their activity.
  • Create a report to see which accounts in your TAL have engaged with your various campaigns and visited your website.
  • Take action on the accounts in the report. Create a dynamic list for further segmentation and campaign outreach.
  • Get really fancy: Leverage enterprise Orchestration to push these accounts into LinkedIn with a campaign pointing them back to a demo request page.

Check out our Engagement Platform Discover Advertising Cloud

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Customer Success: PGIM

Dennis Peters from PGIM shares his thoughts on working with Demandbase in the financial services arena.

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