The Hidden Costs of
Doing Nothing:
Why B2B Enterprises
Need an ABM Platform

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Enterprises need a single, purpose-built platform to drive ABM success.

Marketers have traditionally dealt with leads, while sales talked to accounts. But lead-first approaches are rarely associated with improved efficiencies or increased revenues. Meanwhile, account-based marketing (ABM):

  • Improves revenue and better sales productivity
  • Enhances cross-functional collaboration, especially between sales and marketing
  • Has the capacity to measure and optimize value creation
  • Fosters better program visibility and planning


Because we know the fear and the pull of legacy martech are so strong (especially at the enterprise level), we put together this eBook to help your leadership team understand:

  • Why your lead-first approaches aren’t actually leading to more efficiency and revenues, and how an account-first approach can.
  • Why your existing marketing automation platform and tools, designed with a lead-first mindset, aren’t enough.
  • How adopting a single platform for ABM can help your enterprise prove and improve the value of marketing.



The Hidden Costs of Doing Nothing: Why B2B Enterprises Need an ABM Platform will show you how an account-based approach can help prove and improve the value of marketing, boost your ROI, grow your credibility within the organization, and earn more budget –– all while nurturing a healthy pipeline for your enterprise.


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