Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Template

Sell ABM To Your Boss! (And Other Stakeholders)

Get buy-in for ABM across your organization with our easy-to-use presentation template. Not only is it compelling, but you can also customize it.

You’ll be able to speak to your team about:

  • The benefits of ABM and why a change to ABM is critical today
  • A framework for ABM you can apply to your company
  • An ROI calculator to estimate the return on your ABM investment
  • A customizable 30-60-90 day plan for implementing ABM

Get the Template

Whether you are building consensus with your peers, your sales organization, or your boss, this “Sell ABM To Your Boss” template will get you there faster.

ABM helps revenue teams focus on the accounts that matter to deliver reliable pipeline and revenue while increasing close rates, velocity, and the average deal size.

And in today’s downturn economy, we can’t afford to be anything but relentlessly efficient – ABM is no longer a “nice to have” or the fastest path to growth, it’s essential for survival. Why? Because none of us have time or budget to waste.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that. But if your goal is to also get your team onboard, we can help! This presentation template was carefully crafted to provide you with the critical selling points that will convince your boss and other stakeholders that ABM isn’t the change you want to make…but need to make.

Tips for using the template:

  • Feel free to use as many or as few of the slides as needed to convince your team that ABM is key to your company’s success.

  • In the pink bars at the top of most slides there are helpful ideas. Delete them if you’re using the slide and/or once you’ve updated the slide with your own content.

  • Each company’s situation is unique so tailor the deck to meet your needs.

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What are you waiting for? Download the template and start selling the value of ABM within your organization today