Demand Gen Report

Mastering the Trio: How to Sync Sales, Marketing & Data for Account-Based Success

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When discussing the modern buyer, it’s tough not to sound like a broken record. Practitioners know that buying journeys are shifting every day, and despite their best efforts to keep up, there’s still a major disconnect in how they engage with their accounts and targets.

In partnership with Demand Gen Report, this special report will highlight the key trends and challenges practitioners are facing with their account-based strategies, which includes:

  • How to improve and maintain sales and marketing alignment to ensure complete coverage of target accounts
  • The role of advanced data analytics and segmentation strategies in delivering hyper-targeted content
  • How to overcome the still-lingering hurdles of data integration, securing organization-wide buy-in and effectively measuring success
  • Identifying the creative approaches to content creation within the account-based framework
Hero Graphic Mastering the Trio