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Whether you’re in Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, or Revenue Ops, your responsibilities go beyond list building, forecasting, and reporting. Often what your team doesn’t see is all the effort needed for:

  • Complex data and analytics management
  • Data hygiene
  • Lead/account qualification
  • Demand generation funnel tracking and optimization
  • Territory management
  • ROI analysis and more!

Luckily, Demandbase’s GTM solution can help you automate some of these processes to save you and your team time and money.

Analyze and prioritize accounts for your revenue teams

What could be better than having one comprehensive view of each account at your fingertips? Easily share insights, analytics, and prioritized accounts with your sales and marketing teams for a friction-free GTM motion.


Build an account-based GTM foundation

Combine first and third party data from disparate systems to create a single view of an account for your revenue team.


Create account and people lists

Use the most flexible and granular platform for segmenting target accounts and people lists. Simplify your list build process with cross-object filtering and customizable fields.



Deep dive into analytics

Whether it’s Program Impact, Site Analytics, Journey Analytics, or engagement Heatmaps, Demandbase has multiple ways to help you understand which activities are driving the most engagement, so you can rinse and repeat.



Help sales close more opportunities

Share data and insights in one place so your sellers can reach out with the right message at the right time.



Help them grow their book of business

Upsell and cross-sell products with your existing customers. Having the right data helps you provide the right insights to grow relationships and increase revenue.


Unify your GTM team around Demandbase Account Intelligence

You’re not the only one we care about. We’ve got a soft spot for your colleagues too.

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