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CRM Data Integrity: Your CRM investment is useless if you don’t trust your data

Is your CRM a rich, accurate database that drives GTM productivity or a mass of stale, incomplete, and unusable data that impedes it? When your CRM hygiene improves, so does revenue performance. Cleanse your business data with headache-free automation fueled by Demandbase Account Intelligence: AI-powered data enrichment and standardization.

With a holistic view of your customers — and automation to free your team from manual data tasks — your organization can remove the friction holding back your revenue engine.

CRM data enrichment and cleaning tool

  • Automatically clean accounts, contacts, and leads in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Fill in missing fields and append data.
  • Enhance sales performance with accurate territory assignments.
  • Govern precisely how, when, and where your data flows.
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Jumpstart your data management program

Improve your match rates by deep cleaning your data before implementing Data Integrity.

Like a triple espresso for your workflows

Gain efficiencies that shorten your lead-to-revenue time

  • Automate account hierarchies (family trees) to uncover new revenue opportunities and properly assign accounts.
  • Score and route leads to the right reps with configurable lead-to-account mapping.
  • Run email validations for all your CRM contacts.
  • Discover new revenue opportunities within your CRM ecosystem.

A clean bill of health for your CRM data

Build trust in your CRM with intuitive data hygiene visualizations that show data integrity.

  • Easily spot duplicate and out-of-date business data.
  • View matched and updated records through interactive trend graphs.
  • Track data health over time with at-a-glance comparisons.
  • Get insights into how data quality is improving.

What else can you do with Data Cloud?

Flow our data into your tech stack. Any way you please.

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Make your CRM data smarter

CRM Data Integrity turns your useless data into insights that drive revenue.

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