B2B Company & Contact Data APIs

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Crank up the value of your applications and reap the rewards

Your sales and marketing applications are only as good as the data in them. So give your teams — or your clients — tailored access to Demandbase’s industry-leading Account Intelligence by tapping into our easy-to-use, REST-based APIs. You’ll boost the value of your apps and multiply your bottom line.

You’ve got needs. We’ve got APIs to fill them.

Data API

Fetch a list of company IDs or get details about specific companies. Either way you’ll get data like firmographics, family trees, industry details, technology profiles, and a lot more.

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Enrich API

Access up to 80+ fields of company and contact details and add them into your applications in a single query. Includes firmographics, contact details, family trees, and you guessed it, more.

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Insights API

Receive news articles for target companies based on 18 common business triggers, things like leadership changes, new offerings, acquisitions, expanding operations, cutting costs, outperforming, litigation, real estate deals, and bankruptcy filings. Great reasons to reach out to your customers and prospects.

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Subscription API

Get alerts when our company, people, or family tree information has changed, then use our company and people data APIs to retrieve the info. It saves you from having to poll all records for changes. Who wants that? You can also subscribe to alerts for news associated with your accounts.

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Company Matcher API

Submit company search queries and get the best matched company, as well as a list of probable matches. You can choose to retrieve all company firmographic fields into your application.

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Company Autocomplete API

Auto-complete company names when doing a query with this API. Who doesn’t want that? The query is also clever enough to return popular contacts at the company you search.

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So what can you do with our API’s?

The possibilities are almost endless. But here are a few fan favorites.

  • Clean and append dirty data to fuel Smarter GTM™.
  • Get timely insights on target companies to impress your accounts and short-circuit your fumbling competitors.
  • Unearth more ideal prospects to … well … drive more revenue.
  • Enrich lead and web forms. Good data in; high performance out.
  • Push customer info to the field for maximum efficiency.
  • Append data to strengthen predictive signals, because more signal increases precision.

Why choose Demandbase for API integration?

  • Demandbase has the smartest B2B data and intelligence, hands down
  • Our REST-based APIs are easy to use and customize
  • Our experienced, responsive team — combined with detailed documentation — ensure rapid and continued API integration success
  • You receive world-class tech support
  • We operate as a true API solutions partner — not a data vendor

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