Account Intelligence

Account Intelligence Injects Relevance into Every Step of the Buyer Journey

End account blindness. Omni-spam. Hunch-based selling.

The B2B buying journey has changed: buyers are hiding intent from vendors until the game’s almost over, but they are subtly telegraphing their needs. Ambitious revenue teams need this intel to influence the buyer journey when it counts — without it, you’re throwing time and money at hunches.

Account Intelligence First and Third Party Data

That ends now. Demandbase is built around Account Intelligence, a hi-def view of accounts pulled from every direction — our data, third-party sources, web activities, your CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAP) — all made sense of by the best AI in the biz.

You activate Account Intelligence when you use any Demandbase cloud, and multiply the benefits when you use them all.

How Account Intelligence works

55M+ Companies

Detailed firmographics, including industry, revenue, employee count, location, financials, and more, plus account hierarchies to make sense of...

325K+ Intent Keywords

Demandbase’s proprietary intent data combines the breadth and flexibility of bidstream keywords with the quality of curated content....

19K+ Technologies

Expansive intel on the technologies your accounts already own — including tech hidden behind firewalls that most B2B...

113M+ Contacts

Essential contact details and timely insights on 104+ million (and growing) real decision-makers around the globe.

3.7B+ IP Addresses

The most accurate account match rates in B2B generated by a model trained by hundreds of billions of...

86M Social Profiles

Alerts about sales triggers like company expansions, leadership changes, and acquisitions, plus social and blog feeds so you...

Spinning the B2B data into Smarter Intelligence

This is where it gets cool. We take all that data and triangulate each point against multiple sources to validate it at a scale and speed humans can’t touch. The result: exceptional accuracy.

And because we own and process an extraordinary volume and variety of data, we’re always sharpening our own data, as iron sharpens iron. It’s a virtuous circle that produces something special: a deep understanding of B2B customers that’s more reliable, more granular, and sees further than any competitor can offer.

Then we do one better with our highly trained predictive models that mine the insights for predictions and actionable recommendations. It adds up to rich intelligence that lets your GTM teams spot the juiciest opportunities earlier, engage more intelligently, and close more deals faster.

See what makes our intel smarter

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race.
Streamlined and smart does.

Activate Account Intelligence in any Demandbase cloud — ABX, Advertising, Sales Intelligence, or Data — and tap account-level automation. Ultimate intelligence + ultimate efficiency for the win.

See Demandbase in Action

"Our sales organization is completely blown away at being able to see information about their accounts – how they're engaging and where they're engaging with us."
Shellie Smith Head of ABM, Americas, Autodesk

B2B contact and company data, with the junk filtered out

Our contact and company databases aren’t the largest — they’re the best curated. We clean up all the stuff you don’t need, like sole proprietorships, duplicates, and fictional entities that other data providers include to bloat their numbers.

To put it in perspective, fewer than 10% of the world’s business entities have enough purchasing power to be relevant in B2B commerce. And there are fewer than 50K public companies worldwide. That’s 50 thousand, not 50 million. Do you really want to do business with every mom and pop or have to wade through lists of non-operating businesses?

Demandbase delivers quality data that drives reliable results.

Public (all sizes)
Private (50+ employees)
Private (5+ employees)
North America
Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the /Middle East

Leading B2B companies crush the competition

Activate Account Intelligence your way

Data-driven doesn’t win in B2B unless you can put it into action. Automate and optimize the new digital buying journey with our cloud solutions.

Don’t bring hunches to a data fight

Trustworthy data and real insights are the path to relevance. See Account Intelligence in action.

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