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B2B company data, only smarter

Smarter GTM™ means concentrating your resources on the accounts that matter most — and dazzling them with relevance at every turn. You can only pull that off if you have meticulously curated data. Pinpoint the companies that matter most. Have meaningful conversations. And close deals faster with smarter company data.

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The World’s Smartest B2B Company Data


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Refine your B2B targeting with these juicy details

The more you know about your accounts the better you can pinpoint your best targets and tailor your messaging to their needs. Be the advisor they dream about with these bits of company data.

  • Revenue and number of employees
  • Industry, sub-industry, and full industry profiles
  • Headquarters and branch locations — addresses and branch site counts
  • Financials and fiscal years
  • … and dozens more dimensions
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Stop tripping over data clutter

Can we take a wild guess? You don’t have time to comb through masses of uncurated company data.

Stop digging. Demandbase prioritizes curated, useful data over a bloated account list, every day. We remove duplicates and businesses that are tiny, out-of-business, fictitious — you get the idea. Clear the clutter to find what you need.

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Here’s what we deliver

That’s right. Every public company in the world and most private companies with five or more employees. What else do you need?

Public (all sizes)
Private (50+ employees)
Private (5+ employees)
North America
Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa & the Middle East

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Use family trees to grow your business

Account hierarchies (aka family trees) shouldn’t just show you how companies are connected — they should help you make decisions that drive revenue. Demandbase automates account hierarchies so sales and marketing teams can sharpen their focus. Automatic family tree linking makes it easy to:

Assign accounts to the right reps and avoid conflict

Uncover cross-sell opportunities and get warm introductions to parent and subsidiary companies

Expand your footprint across related accounts with enterprise or master services agreements

Relax, our validation process is the best in the biz

B2B data is never 100% accurate. Think about it. One second your data is accurate and a nano-second later it’s not. Why? Because companies are always going in and out of business, expanding and contracting, changing locations, and on and on. Still, we think our company data is the best. Here’s why:

  • It’s multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated using AI and machine learning — the only reliable way to validate massive amounts of constantly changing data at scale.
  • Really smart people monitor our data quality, benchmark the accuracy, and feed our machine learning models to continuously sharpen their precision.
  • We provide an easy “wrong info” flag so you can let us know if something has slipped through the cracks. We then human-verify your input against multiple sources and only publish it if it passes muster. Rest easy.


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It’s all part of Account Intelligence

Smarter GTM™ injects Account Intelligence into every step of the B2B buyer journey so you can:

Spot opportunities earlier and progress them faster

Turn spammy interactions into relevant engagements

Align sales and marketing to guide buying teams forward

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Company data is only the beginning of bringing clarity to your go-to-market

Demandbase combines all your first-party intel with our proprietary data — and then normalizes it with AI so you get a clear, nuanced view of every account. Get richer, deeper, smarter Account Intelligence, then activate it with cloud solutions that bring powerful insight to every buyer interaction.

This is the new, low-friction, high-definition go-to-market, and you’re about a click away.

Don’t stop now. You’re just getting started.

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B2B Contact Data

Get to know the movers and shakers who make buying decisions at your accounts.


Target companies based on the technologies they use.

Intent Data

Know when your accounts are in market to reach out at the perfect time.

Ready to make the journey smoother with smarter company data?

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