Flexible & Transparent Go-to-Market (GTM)

Don’t Settle for a Black Box You Can’t Tailor or Explain

Get the go-to-market platform that adapts to you. Not the other way around.

Create custom predictive models overnight

Put our machine learning to work extracting patterns from your data, combined with ours, and you’ll get tailored recommendations that reflect your unique business…by tomorrow. Without an expensive custom modeling project.

  • Build multiple models for each of your products or businesses. No extra charge.
  • Define types of engagement and keywords that matter most to you.
  • Let our models examine past opportunities and activities for you.

Explore tailored predictive models


Understand exactly why every account is recommended

You can’t light up a dark funnel with a black box. That’s why Demandbase makes it easy to understand why accounts are highlighted. Don’t settle for scores you can’t explain.

  • Understand what activities contributed to each account’s predictive score.
  • See engagement minutes scores that show the amount of time spent with you, and customize the formula to weigh important activities higher.
  • Check out the score explainer screen to see historical performance insights.

Dive into our predictive analytics


Set up your journey stages any way you like

Start with a best-practice model out of the box and then tailor the stages to fit your needs. You know the importance of customizing your outreach to your buyer, so it just makes sense to choose a platform that adapts to your definition of their journey.

  • Customize your journey stages for the entire customer lifecycle, including post sale.
  • Understand and fine tune the logic behind your stage classifications.
  • Add or remove stages, based on your current and future business needs.

See how to use journey stages


Flexes to the complexities of enterprise

Get the go-to-market platform that understands and adjusts to the unique needs of your enterprise.

  • Configure workspaces for your business units to keep your data and activities separate.
  • Rest easy with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and trust.
  • Test integrations and data flows in a non-production, sandbox environment.

Dig into our enterprise-class platform


“We didn’t want to be locked into using logic we couldn’t see, understand, or modify.”

– CMO at a leading deep learning cybersecurity company

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