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Learn how marketing and sales orchestration helps revenue teams stop spamming prospects.

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By the time you get through this playlist, you’ll have a clear understanding of how Demandbase Orchestration helps modern B2B teams use their data to reach buyers with personalized, relevant messaging at scale.

Ever wonder how we got here? (to orchestration, that is) 🤔

Blog post (5-minute kick back)

From carving rocks along busy roads to using AI to orchestrate workflows, B2B marketing has come a long way.

Go back in time to learn how marketing has evolved over the centuries. And decide for yourself how much marketing actually has changed … and what’s in store.

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Introducing Demandbase Orchestration Destinations

Video (1-minute chill)

CMO of Demandbase, Jon Miller, introduces Orchestration Destinations— one of the biggest product releases Demandbase has ever had — and he shares why it’s so important for B2B marketing and sales teams.

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The anatomy of an orchestrated play

Blog Post (3-minute read)

A play is a series of interactions (both human and automated) synchronized across departments and channels.

Learn about the three key components that work together to drive success (the segment, the actions, and the trigger) and how to execute them in Demandbase.

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If you love a good visual cue, here’s a tree of plays to climb.

Infographic (3-minute climb)

Now that you know what a play is, here are a few of our favorites for you to try out.

There’s one play for each milestone in the buyer journey.

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Create a campaign that integrates B2B orchestration


A well-executed account-based campaign requires a strategic and replicable approach.

In addition to understanding your goals, channels, and team members, you need to segment your target audiences and prioritize them. Only then can you apply B2B orchestration effectively. Use this checklist to build a strategic campaign and weave in orchestrated activities.

Plan your campaign     

account-based sales campaign orchestration worksheet b2b

Take a deeper dive

eBook (20-minute read)

Hear what beloved marketing and CX keynote speaker and bestselling author Jay Baer has to say about our eBook The B2B Marketing & Sales Orchestration Playbook.

Then, dig in! We share some best practices and how marketing teams can quickly set up Audiences and Automations using Demandbase Orchestration to improve sales performance.

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