Our “Day in the Life” Persona Series

A “Day in the Life of Customer Success” with Jordan

Meet Jordan, customer success manager extraordinaire

Making customers successful is one of the key values of Demandbase. What better way to ensure this happens than by someone from your customer success team logging into Demandbase One to get insights on their customers. Let’s see how Jordan uses Demandbase One in his day to day as a Customer Success Manager.

8am – Review emails and schedule for the day

Jordan starts his day by reviewing his email inbox, CSM platform and CRM and preparing for any customer calls. Jordan wants to make sure he’s addressing any customer questions in a timely manner. He also reviews his customer health dashboard and playbook to see which customers need follow-up.

10am – Attend scheduled customer call

One of Jordan’s first calls for the day is with a newly onboarded customer. He wants to see what insights are coming from Demandbase One to help with his call. Jordan logs into Demandbase One to review a Quick Card report, called Newly Engaged People. Quick Cards are a great way for users to immediately get value out of Demandbase by getting quick access to insights right from the home dashboard. By viewing this report, Jordan can see which people at the customer are engaging with sales and marketing activities and possibly follow up with additional content. Jordan also looks at product usage data to see where he can encourage more feature adoption.

11am – Prepare for customer business review

The morning is flying by! Jordan looks at his calendar and notices he has a customer business review coming up in 3 weeks. To help prepare for the business review, Jordan looks at the Engagement Page in Demandbase One. There he pulls up the Engagement Heatmap so he can quickly see which customer roles are most engaged with marketing activities and recommend areas of focus and future areas of opportunity. Speaking of…looks like the Chief Sales Officer needs some nurturing.

1pm – Identify competitive threats

Preventing churn is a key performance metric for Jordan. One way to get insights from Demandbase on competitive threats is to look at intent activity on the competitive keyword set for his list of accounts. His customer scorecard could appear healthy when in reality a competitor is waiting in the wings. Demandbase helps Jordan spot potential competitive threats before it’s too late.

2pm – Identify expansion opportunities

Aside from renewals, Jordan tries to help the account team to expand the lifetime value of his customers. With Journey Analytics in Demandbase, Jordan can see important metrics like volume, velocity and conversion. He can customize the journey stages and add more post-sale stages to help see which customer accounts are engaging, not only for renewal purposes but also for possible cross-sell and upsell opportunities for the account management team.

3pm – Connect with customers in the Community

Communities are great spaces for people to connect, ask questions and learn from each other. Jordan loves logging into the Demandbase Community to see what kinds of questions his peers are asking. It’s also a great place for Jordan to see what best practices are being shared that he can leverage in his role as a Customer Success Manager.

4pm – Follow-up with the marketing team

As the day is winding down, Jordan looks at Demandbase and notices a few of his key contacts are engaging with marketing programs, including an upcoming roundtable event. He decides to follow up with the marketing team to see if he can also attend the event to meet with his customer in person.

5pm - Check on tomorrow's schedule

If it weren't for the insights he gets daily from Demandbase One, it would be much harder for Jordan to achieve key performance metrics like increasing renewal rates, improving customer satisfaction and driving growth. Before closing out, Jordan reviews tomorrow's schedule and shoots out a few last minute emails to his customers.

Learn more about the Demandbase One platform and get the job done like Jordan did!