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Demandbase offers a holistic solution that allows you to think big, start fast, and adapt quickly. We don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else. Here’s why.

Trust in Data

Thanks to strategic acquisitions (before it was the cool thing to do), we took ownership of the most complete and accurate firmographic, technographic, and contact-level data that exists in B2B. We welcome you to put this to the test.

Need intent data? Demandbase has access to the largest source of native intent in our market (bid-stream data). This gives us access to over 1 trillion intent signals per month. We also partner with a wide variety of other intent providers, giving you access to multiple different sources of intent. Demandbase also supports 133 languages with a meaningful amount of signals.

Reliable Account Identification

Other ABM vendors rely on probability to identify anonymous accounts (to maximize “match rates”). Demandbase delivers certainty, based on the most advanced data science.

In customer bake-offs, our match rates are higher than competitors’ more often than not, but more importantly, in those bake-offs, our accuracy has proved highest. You may on occasion see higher match rates using the probability method, but it always comes at the expense of accuracy. Inaccurate account identification is worse than no account ID at all.

Fast, Modern Predictive Analytics

Demandbase takes advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver tailored predictive models in under 24 hours. All you need to do is provide us with a few inputs and our machine learning models do the rest, deciphering immediate opportunity potential and account fit for any given product. Better yet, you can have multiple predictive models — it’s all included with the platform.

Other ABM vendors offer “out-of-the-box” models that surprisingly take a long time to implement and require heavy hands-on involvement on your part. Really? They even charge extra fees for additional models and, because they’re hand-built, you need another long manual project every time you want to adapt to changes in your market.

We’re not a “one-size fits all” model

Demandbase offers out-of-the-box journey stages that are also 100% customizable. There’s no need to settle for inflexible hard-coded journey stages that work about as well as an ill-fitting suit. This flexibility also allows Demandbase to better support organizations that have 2 or more products and services. How does a single hard-coded approach help marketing and sales determine the product interest of accounts? It doesn’t.

Unlike other ABM vendors, Demandbase also supports post-customer stages to help you identify growth opportunities and secure renewals. Our competitive friends are too focused on net new logo acquisition and fails to see the larger picture — which is to continue to track customers to identify growth opportunities.

The Only DSP Built for B2B

Demandbase has the only demand side platform (DSP) built specifically for B2B advertising. Why does that matter? It allows Demandbase to maintain an AI-optimized bidder, ensuring maximum performance. This removes the need for constant manual intervention/changes (who has time for that in 2023).

Despite what other vendors might claim, they rely on consumer-based DSPs (e.g. Xandr) that were built for consumer advertising, not accounts (let alone buying groups). This presents a big problem — you can inadvertently use up all your impressions on some accounts while ignoring others entirely.

Flexible, High Quality Account-Based Advertising

If you care about the quality of your account-based advertising, Demandbase is really your only choice. We bid a little higher, on purpose, to ensure you reach the right targets and only advertise on brand-safe sites.

We’re also the only vendor that offers a combination of intent-based, people-based, and IP-based targeting — which is on an entirely new level of targeting compared to people and IP-based alone (ask us why intent-based optimization is the most effective way to target and why other vendor’s don’t have this capability).

A Revenue Operations Dream

One of the main reasons customers choose Demandbase over other ABM providers is that we offer a wealth of advanced segmentation options such as “activities,” “relationships,” and “change data value” fields.

We’re the only vendor that gives you both a simple and advanced view of creating account, people, activity, and opportunity lists (and soon, buying groups, in Q3, 23’). This allows for all the basic segmentation you would want as you get started, but the scale of any segmentation needs as your organization’s strategies mature.

Automatic Sales Activity Tracking

Demandbase automatically syncs activity from your email inboxes and calendars directly into Demandbase One, so you get a complete picture of all account activity, effortlessly, to improve your predictive models and sales alerts. No need to waste your sellers’ time or rely on them to remember.

That can’t be said of other ABM vendors.

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