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Demandbase offers a holistic solution that allows you to think big, start fast, and adapt quickly. We don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else. Here’s why.

Most Reliable Account Identification

Other ABM vendors rely on probability to identify anonymous accounts. Demandbase delivers certainty, based on the most advanced data science.

In customer bake-offs, our match rates are higher than competitors’ more often than not, but more importantly, in those bake-offs, our accuracy has proved highest. You may on occasion see higher match rates using the probability method, but it always comes at the expense of accuracy. And inaccurate account identification is worse than no account ID at all.

A Wealth of Segmentation Possibilities

One of the main reasons customers choose Demandbase over other ABM providers is that we offer a wealth of advanced segmentation options such as “activities,” “relationships,” and “change data value” fields.

Our selectors sync hundreds of fields, across a variety of sources, multiple times a day, giving you near-real-time access to the latest account and people characteristics. Other ABM vendors offer fewer basic choices and make you wait overnight for data updates from other systems.

The Only DSP Built for B2B

Demandbase has the only demand side platform (DSP) built specifically for B2B advertising. Why does that matter? It enables you to balance impressions across accounts.

Other ABM vendors rely on consumer-based DSPs that have no concept of accounts. You can inadvertently use up all your impressions on some accounts while ignoring others entirely. What’s more, you have no way to zero in on specific people showing intent to buy, and limited ability to report results at the account level. What a waste!

Flexible, High Quality Account-Based Advertising

If you care about the quality of your account-based advertising, Demandbase is really your only choice. We bid a little higher, on purpose, to ensure you reach the right targets and only advertise on brand-safe sites.

And you get a choice of working with our Advertising Campaign Specialists or using a self-serve portal, giving you ultimate control over your campaign details.

Fast, Modern Predictive Analytics

Demandbase takes advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver tailored predictive models in under 24 hours. All you need to do is provide us with a few inputs and our machine learning models do the rest, deciphering immediate opportunity potential and account fit for any given product. Better yet, you can have multiple predictive models — it’s all included with the platform.

Other ABM vendors offer “out-of-the-box” models that surprisingly take a long time to implement and require heavy hands-on involvement on your part. Really? They often charge extra fees for additional models and, because they’re hand-built, you need another long manual project every time you want to adapt to changes in your market.

The Most Granular, Accurate Intent Data

Demandbase intent data delivers the one-two punch of high accuracy and keyword granularity. How? We source more than 500+ billion intent signals every month from our proprietary B2B DSP — providing scale and granularity. Then we machine read the content on each page, using natural language processing, to ensure that the key topic is in fact related to the keywords. We feed this highly accurate, refined intent signal into our predictive algorithms to deliver the industry’s most precise intent models.

Meanwhile, other ABM vendors purchase limited intent data sets through third parties and/or use basic “web-crawlers” that read SEO-related metadata. This hidden metadata may or may not have much to do with the content on the page, making their intent signals of questionable relevance.

Fully Customizable Journey Stages

Demandbase offers out-of-the-box journey stages that are also 100% customizable. You can hit the ground running and adapt as needed to fit your reality. No need to settle for inflexible hard-coded account journey stages that work about as well as an ill-fitting suit.

Unlike other ABM vendors, Demandbase also supports post-customer stages to help you identify growth opportunities and secure renewals.

Automatic Sales Activity Tracking

Demandbase automatically syncs activity from your email inboxes and calendars directly into Demandbase One, so you get a complete picture of all account activity, effortlessly, to improve your predictive models and sales alerts. No need to waste your sellers’ time or rely on them to remember.

That can’t be said of other ABM vendors.

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