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B2B Buying Is a Digital Team Sport.

Demandbase equips you with Smarter GTM™ to win the game.

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Wanna know what makes Smarter GTM™ different?

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It starts with Smarter Intelligence. And it changes everything.

B2B buyers, sick of being chased with spammy, irrelevant interactions, exile suppliers from their evaluation process every day. The companies that master relevance — engaging when and how buyers want — gain outsized influence over buying decisions.

Moving past spam to relevance takes deep insight across your accounts. Voila! Demandbase go-to-market solutions are built around smarter Account Intelligence, a refined view of your accounts pulled from first- and third-party data and made sense of by AI. Think of it as hi-def GTM vision.

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The only DSP for B2B.

B2B GTM ain’t for the faint of heart. With long, team-driven, and downright hairy sales cycles, you need an advertising solution that factors in B2B’s unique buying patterns. Demandbase is the only demand-side platform (DSP) built specifically for B2B, with an account lens for visibility and optimization — which means your ad spend simply performs better.

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DSP for B2B

Too big to fail? Meet enterprise-grade.

Organizations like DocuSign, Informatica, and JLL aren’t swimming in tech’s shallow end. Get enterprise-grade tech elastic enough to stretch with your business, no matter how complex.

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Gartner Report

Making ABM magic...AGAIN!

See why Gartner® named Demandbase a Leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Account-Based Marketing Platforms for the second year in a row.

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“Top marks for vision and innovation capabilities”

Independent analyst firm, Research in Action, analyzed 15 ABM vendors and asked customers around the world for honest feedback. Turns out they like us: 98% would recommend Demandbase.

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B2B leaders use Demandbase to execute smart account-based strategies that get sales and marketing on the same page and expand the pipeline.

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"Marrying what's happening with leads and contacts with the third party offsite intent gives us much better visibility into our full funnel."
Erin Triman Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Coupa

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Demandbase One isn’t just a GTM platform. It’s your springboard to Smarter Intelligence and better B2B.

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