Our “Day in the Life” Persona Series

A “Day in the Life of Demand Generation Marketing” with Leanne

Meet Leanne,
the Demand Gen Marketer

Demand Gen marketers are under a lot of pressure to execute programs that drive revenue growth. It can be daunting but Demandbase is here to help! Demandbase can be your one stop shop for finding your target accounts, engaging with them, and measuring the success of your programs along the way. Let’s see what a day looks like for Leanne, our Demand Generation marketer.

9am - Meet with SDR/BDR team

It’s Monday morning and Leanne starts her week off by meeting with her Sales/Business Development Reps (SDR/BDRs). She reviews her marketing programs with them, focusing on what accounts need to be prioritized and what events may need additional customer and prospect outreach. She leverages the weekly snapshot email from Demandbase to help prioritize accounts.

10am - Create account lists for next email campaign

Content is key but making sure you’re targeting the right accounts is equally important. Leanne uses Demandbase to build out her targeted account list. With Demandbase, she can specify journey stage, territory, technographics, intent, industry and more for a truly segmented account list.

11am - Create copy for campaign landing page

It’s almost lunchtime and Leanne wants to get one of her other programs moving. She sits down to create copy for a landing page for an upcoming webinar series. Leanne looks at trending intent in Demandbase for ideas on keywords to use in her copy. She loves this aspect of her role because it allows her to get her creative juices flowing!

1pm - Create new Orchestration automation

In addition to email campaigns, Leanne also generates more engagement using direct mail. Using Demandbase, she’s able to segment her accounts by intent, engagement, journey stage, account tier and persona. Then she uses Demandbase Orchestration to set up engagement criteria that automates a direct mail send when contacts hit that threshold.

3pm - Analyze programs

In addition to planning programs and executing campaigns, Leanne also spends time analyzing those programs to measure results. She uses Journey Analytics to better understand how her different lists are performing. Looks like her Tier 1 list had more MQA accounts last month, indicating that some of her accounts may have moved further down the funnel.

4pm - Setup web personalization campaign

One of the nice things about Demandbase is its cross-channel execution capabilities. Leanne wants to create a personalized web page experience for a targeted audience to drive registration for an upcoming conference. With Demandbase Personalization, she can create the account list, personalize the web page and publish it in the same workflow. How easy is that?!?

5pm - Review intent on key accounts

It’s late in the day and Leanne wants to take a look at the intent data for key accounts. She has a meeting with her SDR/BDR in the morning and wants to review the most engaged accounts and what keywords they are trending on, to help with content and conversations. Armed with these insights, Leanne can prepare her list of topics to cover tomorrow. It’s been another productive day with Demandbase!

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