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Enough hunch-based selling. At Demandbase, data wins every time. Our B2B sales intelligence platform delivers accurate company, contact, technographic, engagement, and intent data right in your CRM, browser, and more.

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Demandbase is Simplifying B2B Selling with Smarter Sales Intelligence

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Sales Intelligence Data: Don’t bring hunches to a data fight

B2B sales has changed for good. The stakes are higher, the competition fiercer. Hunch-based selling just won’t cut it. Buyers expect sellers to be informed and add value at just the right time, in just the right way. Anything else is just noise.

Our Smarter Sales Intelligence Data Can Help

We inject our Account Intelligence into every step of your sales prospecting process, so you can:

  • Visualize account engagement and historical activity across channels.
  • View detailed company and contact data.
  • Unlock hidden signals that are essential to modern pipeline and revenue building.

Picture it: deep company info, technographics, contact data, engagement insights, and buyer intelligence — accessible within email, CRM, and even websites like LinkedIn — for quick insights and ready action. Plus, uncover buyer intent, social insights, and identify unknown web traffic. The end result? Hours saved, faster sales cycles, and bigger wins!

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Find our Smarter Sales Intelligence in the tools you already use

View action-packed dashboards

Unwrap territory-specific dashboards and reports in your CRM or Outreach, right out of the box.

  • Get immediate access to relevant and actionable information.
  • Customize your view to show hot accounts by owner or territory.
  • Zero in on the ripest prospects, armed with technographic data and buyer intent signals.
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Build your prospecting list with accurate B2B data

  • Get access to 99M+ companies and 150M+ contact profiles including email, social, and mobile.
  • Segment net new lists with your CRM, MAP, and other 1st party data.
  • Zero in on the ripest prospects, armed with technographic data and buyer intent signals.
  • Use your private network to get warm introductions to prospects from people they already know.
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Skip the generic script — get relevant

  • Harness news alerts and social insights for a custom talk track.
  • See info on recent acquisitions, leadership changes, and financials within your own company territories to spark a conversation.
  • Use intent data signals to impress with knowledge they are actually looking for.
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Stop wasting time chasing the wrong leads

  • Build highly-refined lists of accounts and buying committees from our database of 99+ million companies and 150+ million contacts worldwide.
  • Customize your list using dozens of filters with our Smarter Sales Intelligence software. News. Keywords. Technographic data. Buyer intent signals. It’s all there.
  • Target accurately with one-click data sync to CRM. Your account info will be complete and current. Always.
  • View contact information, connections, communication history, engagement activity and more natively within Outreach.
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Custom alerts, territory digests, and communication history

  • Know where to focus your attention with engagement highlights, Pipeline Predict models, top intent behaviors, and more.
  • Jump on automated email insights to make better decisions and close deals faster.
  • Catch real-time behaviors from target accounts and key personas within Slack.
  • Get visibility into historical conversations within the account by automatically logging outbound / inbound emails & meetings securely.
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Leverage family connections

  • Use our searchable corporate family trees to make sure you understand all relevant parent / child account dynamics.
  • Quickly see key relationships, grow your network, and build bridges that lead to cross-sell opportunities whenever you’re assigned a new account.
  • Leverage your and your colleagues’ professional connections to get an introduction into an account.
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Don’t miss a thing with the Demandbase Sales Intelligence Platform

  • Click into the extension in your CRM, LinkedIn, Gmail, or anywhere you travel on the world wide web to see as if you never left home.
  • Turn insights into action through our partners’ apps — Salesloft, Outreach, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more — or within Demandbase One.
  • Access predictive scores, account dashboards, recent emails, engagement alerts, company and contact details, and more. You’re only a click away, no matter where you are.
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"All those kinds of things — reps’ confidence in the data and tools, satisfaction in their jobs, reduced turnover — really add up in the end to a product that’s worth more than its weight."
Matt Norris, NaviSite
Matt Norris Sales Operations Specialist, NaviSite

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Our Smarter Sales Intelligence platform provides visibility into the accounts and contacts that matter most while doubling down on accurate data so you can take action and win bigger, more often.

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