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TreviPay Onboards Demandbase to Drive Their Transformation Into a Hyper-Growth Organization

The Challenge

TreviPay is a global B2B payment and invoicing provider helping businesses digitize and improve payment processes. Previously, TreviPay had been building bespoke solutions for clients, customizing the software to facilitate each client’s needs, and writing it to spec. As the company shifted from a slow growth to a hyper-growth organization moving to a multi-tenant software, TreviPay needed to ramp up marketing efforts to reach more prospective buyers. It was at that time that they started having a conversation about implementing an ABM program.

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Financial Services

Company Size
501-1,000 employees

Overland Park, Kansas

Demandbase One™ with ABX and advertising

"When you look at the space, there's Demandbase, and then there's everyone else when it comes to intent data."
Tara Depaepe
Tara Depaepe Senior Director, Marketing

Why Demandbase?

When TreviPay started looking at ABM providers, they did their due diligence, knowing that the choice of platform could make all the difference in hitting their goals.

As part of their evaluation, they spoke to Demandbase and other vendors in the space. They focused on how each solution worked, how various clients were using the different technologies, and understanding which would best fit the needs at TreviPay. As part of the team evaluating the vendors, Senior Director of Marketing, Tara Depaepe, felt strongly that the technology behind Demandbase’s intent data was the best in the market. After thoroughly evaluating the different technologies, TreviPay concluded, “When it came down to intent data, Demandbase was the clear winner for us.”

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase as their vendor of choice, TreviPay has:

  • Improved alignment between marketing & sales

    Tara acknowledges that alignment between marketing and sales was hard-won. While they made progress in improving alignment, Tara and her team pushed that further by ensuring that the value of their ABM program lived outside of marketing. They wanted the ABM program to expand to all customer and sales-centric teams across their org, including sales, account management, operations, c-suite, etc.

    Since implementing an organization-wide ABM approach, meetings from targeted accounts have increased more than 600% — far exceeding expectations.

  • Changed how they identify their targets

    Transforming into a hypergrowth organization meant getting their sales team to change how they built multiple target lists. Tara acknowledged that they had difficulty switching from just picking accounts and monitoring them in Demandbase to letting Demandbase surface accounts that were in market, those who had an active need for TreviPay.

    Because TreviPay sits at an intersection between many different industries, the team knew they needed a combination of list-building techniques to accomplish their goals. Now, they use intent signals to inform a target list built from a combination of picked accounts and accounts surfaced from Demandbase.

  • Found a solution that adapts to them
    Because TreviPay does not have a specific cut-and-dry place in the market, one of the benefits of choosing Demandbase is the flexibility of continually adapting the solution to fit their particular and changing needs. For example, Tara mentions that they periodically update the intent keywords they’re tracking when moving between topical and pain point-based approaches to their target list.

Without Demandbase?

Tara immediately says that ABM at TreviPay wouldn’t work without Demandbase. She then hesitates as she doesn’t want the statement to seem pandering, but after some consideration, she doubles down. She acknowledges, “It’s almost impossible to compete in today’s market without a solution like Demandbase showing buyer signals before a prospect even raises their hand.”

About TreviPay

At TreviPay, we believe that loyalty begins at the payment. Thousands of sellers use our global B2B payments and invoicing network to provide choice and convenience to buyers, open new markets, and automate A/R. With integrations to top eCommerce and ERP solutions and flexible trade credit options, TreviPay brings more than 40 years of experience serving leaders in manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

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