Our “Day in the Life” Persona Series

The “Day in the Life of Field Marketing” with Julian

Meet Julian, field marketer power house

Demandbase gives field marketers key features that provide insights into their ongoing field marketing events. It’s also a place to easily create more targeted campaigns for any specific audience segment. Demandbase enables you to engage accounts using the only Demand Side Platform (DSP) built for B2B outcomes. Let’s review a theoretical day, which shows how Julian utilizes Demandbase.

8am - Review Potential Cities for Events Tour

Julian starts his day by building a heatmap to see what cities are driving the most engagement across his top accounts.

9am - Review Channel Acquisition Quality

Using Site Analytics, Julian can review the types of accounts coming in through each of his channels. This allows him to double-down or pull back on spending in each channel.

9:30 am - City Selection

Julian notices the tier 4 accounts in NYC have a lot of engagement and plans to see the breakdown of accounts to build his event. 

10am - Utilize Intent

It’s easy for Julian to review the levels of intent from traffic across different keywords. This allows him to determine the right messaging and get ideas for content that is relevant to his audience.

11am - Create a Personalization Experience to Increase Registration

Julian wants to maximize engagement for his event registrations. He can easily create personalized experiences with tailored content to keep visitors engaged on site.

Learn more about Demandbase Personalization.

1pm - Warm Them Up with an Advertising Campaign

Julian likes to make the most of his events and so he wants to warm them up with a personalized ad creative and a personalized chat experience as well.

Learn more about Demandbase Advertising.

2pm - Create an Orchestration

Julian can create different types of orchestrations with Demandbase! In this case he can send Outreach orchestrations to lighten the load for sellers.

3pm - Have Your Sellers Invite VIP Guests

Julian alerts his sales team about this new event! Using the Demandbase Chrome Extension, Sellers can add or remove guests from the campaign. This lets sellers feel like they have control and we know they love that ?

4pm - Closing Deals!

Since Julian caught wind of a deal closing from Sales. He always likes to go back and review the “Deal Story” to review early marketing touches, campaign responses, events attended, and more.

5pm - Prepare for Your Next Event!

Julian has a busy year ahead but, luckily for him he has all the data he needs to make an informed decision about what events to attend next!

Learn more about the Demandbase One Platform and get the job done like Julian did!