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We live in an increasingly digital world. It’s no surprise to you. You’re on the bleeding edge of the transformation.

This shift to all things digital influences the products you sell — and how your prospects buy them. They hide their intent until they’ve almost made up their minds. Frustrated? Don’t be. We’ve got the right tool for your tech stack. Demandbase One injects Account Intelligence into every step of your buyer’s journey, so you can unmask anonymous visitors, spot opportunities earlier, and progress deals faster. We call it Smarter GTM™

SAP Concur
increase in revenue, 57% bump in deal size & 59% growth in pipeline

uplift in opportunities from previous year

increase in web page views over a 6-month period

89% of B2B buyers do their product research online.* Make sure you don’t miss a single one.


For hyper-growth SaaS companies

Your shareholders expect you to grow exponentially — every year. And you want to too. But how do you keep up the pace? Start by identifying the best accounts to target based on technologies they use and know exactly when they’re in-market. You won’t waste time and you’ll turn more of your opps into closed deals.

For industry-leading software giants

You’ve worked hard to become an industry leader, but you still want to grow like a startup. To make that happen, you need to expand into new businesses and markets. We can help. Tap into our Account Intelligence and technology profiles to identify new ideal targets and craft meaningful value props to deliver at that magic moment when they’re ready to buy.

For hardware companies that keep our apps running

Long gone are the days when customers will sit for lengthy discovery calls. Good thing we can help you navigate your complex, largely anonymous sales cycles. We’ll help you target new accounts, identify new people at existing accounts, and take a peek into their tech stacks, so you know exactly where you fit.

Connect all the dots

Today’s busy, informed buyers expect a seamless buying journey. It can make the difference between buying from you or the other guy. We can help you orchestrate all your go-to-market activities across sales and marketing to deliver a flawless customer experience. You’ll reach out at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message. You’ll identify anonymous accounts visiting your website and send them the perfect content. Sweeter still, you’ll know exactly which accounts to target with predictive analytics and AI-powered account selection.

Orchestrate the buyer journey with ABX Cloud


Attract the right eyes to your ads

Ad budgets can be tight. So you’ll want to balance your ad spend across the accounts that matter most. Armed with our Account Intelligence and proprietary B2B DSP you’ll reach the right accounts — and the right people at those accounts — with a customized message, every time. And our reporting gives precise metrics on individuals and accounts. It’s so much better than simply counting clicks.

Get more bang for your buck with Advertising Cloud

SAP Concur saw a 60% lift in web visits after advertising to targeted accounts


Know what’s on your customer’s mind

Want to break through to unresponsive buyers? Show up at their digital doorstep, right on time, with the exact solution they’re looking for. You’ll stay in the know with intent signals, relevant news, and alerts so you’ll always have a reason to reach out. While you’re at it, tap our network of 100+ million contacts and proprietary connections to turn cold calls into warm introductions.

Get the inside edge with Sales Intelligence Cloud

80% of Navisite reps use Sales Intelligence Cloud every day


Don’t guess. Trust your data.

When you want to move your business forward, you make big bets on what’ll succeed. Don’t rely on hunches. Have relevant, reliable data at your fingertips. We have the smartest B2B data in the industry ready to fill gaps in your database. And because dirty data leads to poor decisions, we’ll help you keep your data clean.

Rev up your data with Data Cloud


Reach out to the professionals

Resource constrained? Looking for extra GTM expertise? Or want to take your ABX skills to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. Our Professional Services team is standing by to give you just the right level of assistance.

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