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SAP Concur Elevates Every Metric — Engagement, Pipeline, Deal Size & Revenue — With Enhanced Account Focus & Advertising

The Head Scratcher

When Ryan Oliver moved from SAP corporate to SAP Concur to run their digital marketing program for U.S. enterprise accounts, he began looking for a tool to help him maximize the effectiveness of his entirely account-based marketing (ABM) program. He had a large universe of accounts to target and a limited budget to do it with. He needed something to help him prioritize his list and get the most bang for his advertising buck.

Ryan was also aiming for a platform that would help him implement ABM best practices — multi-touch campaigns, consolidated insights to better understand what their target accounts were doing, and analytics to evaluate and double-down on what was working.

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Technology — Travel & Expense Management

Company Size
10,000 employees

Bellevue, WA

ABX Cloud & Advertising Cloud


60% lift in web visits after advertising to targeted accounts

51% to 95%

Lept from 51% to 95% engagement


Increased revenue by 52%, deal size by 57% & pipeline by 59%

"I had to be very proactive to share and evangelize the results of our program, and the impact it was having on our accounts. The outcomes help me justify continued investment!"
Ryan Oliver - SAP
Ryan Oliver Senior Manager, Enterprise Demand Generation Marketing

What’d They Do?

Ryan started using Demandbase to consolidate account insights from their various disconnected systems — Salesforce, Marketo, and Adobe Analytics. Adding Demandbase’s data and insights, including intent signals, they were able to get a better picture of what was happening at their accounts — what we call Account Intelligence at Demandbase.

Ryan’s team used this intelligence — especially the intent signals — to prioritize their list of accounts. Next, they segmented the list into cohorts and launched personalized ad campaigns from the Demandbase platform. They shared the lists, insights, and conversion alerts with their colleagues across marketing and sales to align on multi-touch outreach. Then they monitored the metrics to spot where they were getting lift — increased web visits and engagement.

And because their account list included both new logos and existing customers, they tapped into Demandbase’s intent signals to uncover when customers were investigating competitive solutions or indicating an opportunity for an upsell or cross-sell.

Why Demandbase?

SAP Concur already had Demandbase in house when Ryan joined the team, but they were using it exclusively for website personalization and analytics. Ryan opened up a whole new world of capabilities when he began asking questions and digging into what the platform could do. While he might have looked outside for a new solution to support his ABM and advertising program, he found everything he needed, and then some, with Demandbase.

Today he is doing a majority of his list prioritization, display advertising, and analytics, through Demandbase, informed by Demandbase Account Intelligence.

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase ABX Cloud and Advertising Cloud, the U.S. Enterprise Account team at SAP Concur:

  • Saw a 60% lift in website visits from accounts they advertised to compared to that same group of accounts prior to advertising. This included nearly 500 accounts that had not visited their site in some time — a particularly important group to re-engage.
  • Achieved 95% engagement across seven ad campaign groups compared to the pre-advertising benchmark of 51%, based on a one-quarter cohort analysis.
  • Sharpened alignment across their multi-layered marketing and sales organizations. Alignment was already pretty tight when Ryan joined the team, but there were some areas that needed bolstering and Demandbase “definitely helped with that,” acknowledged Ryan. Today they share insights and work hand-in-hand across digital marketing, field marketing, marketing and sales development, and sales.

The team at SAP Concur also increased closed-won revenue by 52%, improved deal size by 57%, and increased pipeline by 59% after consistently advertising to a prioritized group of accounts for three to four months, compared to pre-advertising levels. Ryan attributes these results to a combination of ABM efforts — enhanced levels of attention, advertising, and syncing across teams with conversion alerts.

One consistent use case for the team is to run ads, send weekly ad trend reports to field marketing and MDRs who use the reports to inform their outreach. Field marketing and the MDRs report being able to penetrate accounts they previously had trouble penetrating. They especially appreciate this extra level of knowing who’s interested and who’s not to prioritize their thousands of accounts. And knowing what messages resonate helps them craft relevant talk tracks. The team couldn’t be happier with the results!

“I wanted to build a model ABM program based on best practices. Demandbase really helped make that happen,” gleamed Ryan.

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