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Build an Account-Based Foundation

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Use intelligent insights to find and engage the right fit accounts at every stage of the buyer journey

Account-based marketing (ABM) is evolving, and it’s time for B2B companies to take the next steps for revenue growth. With Demandbase One™, you finally have an account-based experience (ABX) solution that connects everything that matters to win in today’s changing B2B landscape. Know when and how to engage and what to say to each account to grow pipeline, revenue, and client satisfaction. See why Demandbase One™ is the account-based leader for your entire revenue team.

Build an account-based foundation to give your revenue team one view of an account

  • Unify disconnected account data into a “single pane of glass” that unlocks insights and aligns marketing and sales.
  • Consolidate first- and third-party data of both people and accounts and turn them into actionable insights.
  • Create precise audiences using AI-powered account selection plus opportunities, buyer persona, journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, even custom CRM data fields, and more.
  • Clean your data and enrich your accounts with our firmographic, contact, technographic, and intent data. (with hyperlink as indicated above to Data Integrity).

Grow pipeline using over a decade of model training and AI

  • Our Qualification Score helps identify accounts within your ICP that have the best chance of becoming customers.
  • Prioritize accounts with Pipeline Predict – our predictive score that surfaces likely opportunities by looking at past opportunities and activity patterns.
  • Surface in-market accounts using intent data signals to inform the Demandbase AI if an account is in-market.
  • Use journey analytics to discover where accounts are in their journey, so you can personalize your engagement.

Engage target accounts with the right message across multiple channels

  • Advertise to your target accounts with the only B2B ad tech that delivers the precision and scale that B2B requires.
  • Deliver relevant experiences with website personalization to increase engagement and interaction.
  • Design and orchestrate actions from sales and marketing across channels.
  • Trigger sales and marketing plays using your existing tech stack. We integrate with the most popular sales and marketing tech.

Close more business using actionable sales insights

  • Know who is ready to buy and when to reach out with deep account insights.
  • Prioritize accounts in your territory using insights from weekly email snapshots that highlight engaged people and account activity.
  • Know who is engaged with your sales and marketing efforts through buying committee heatmaps and lead-to-account matching technology.
  • Deliver real-time alerts in the systems sales uses every day — CRM, email, Slack, and web.

Help revenue teams retain and grow their books of business

  • Find expansion opportunities by monitoring intent and engagement by product line.
  • Use intent to identify competitive threats to your customer base and address FUD ahead of the renewal date.
  • Use post-sale journey stages to identify additional cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Determine which content is most popular by vertical or product using engagement heatmaps and Site Analytics.

Understand how your ABX strategy is working across the buyer journey

  • See how accounts are engaging over time with heatmaps and the deal story.
  • Track core journey metrics like volume, velocity, and conversion.
  • Create multiple journeys to track buying funnels for different product lines or business units.
  • Understand website engagement with Site Analytics.

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