Build an Account-Based Foundation

A Fragmented View of Accounts Tells You Nothing

A holistic view lights up with insights.


It’s hard to win when marketing and sales are rowing in different directions

How often do you find your marketing and sales teams working out of different systems, not knowing what the other is doing? When revenue teams work in silos, it’s hard to know what actions and communications have taken place within an account.

Demandbase One is the one complete B2B go-to-market suite for revenue teams

Combine your data with Demandbase’s third-party and behavioral data to create one holistic view of each account. It’s the one place for sales and marketing to go to see which accounts are engaged, what actions they’ve taken, and who has communicated what.

No more guesswork. Connecting the dots is easy with Demandbase One.

"We are transitioning to an account-focused organization as a whole, so Demandbase is helping our sales organization acclimate themselves with their new lists/territories and better understand what matters to their accounts. It is also helping our marketers measure the success of their programs with new, account-focused KPIs like engagement."
G2 Reviewer Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Enterprise

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Wanna get your hands dirty?

Check out these step-by-step “how-to’s.”

Create Targeted Account Lists

As a Demand Generation Marketer, I want to easily build out a targeted list of accounts to use across engagement channels.

  • Start in Database, and click Create New.
  • Use powerful cross object filters in Selectors to define your criteria from custom CRM data, MAP data, opportunities, journey stage, behavior, intent, and recent sales activity.
  • Target your new account list with advertising, email, direct mail and other engagement channels.
  • Dial it up: Execute triggered campaigns or sales actions when an account enters a high priority stage (MQA).

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Assess Your Pipeline

As a marketing executive, I want to see data on where target accounts are in our funnel and how opportunities are converting within the quarter. We like your thinking.

  • Navigate to the Journey dashboard.
  • Select a timeframe and the list you’d like to analyze to get insights on accounts, pipeline opportunities, and account progression through the funnel.
  • View multiple lists at the same time to evaluate trends.
  • Do one better: Use the Compare feature to compare different timeframes.

Dig into Journey Analytics


Prioritize High Converting Accounts

As a sales rep, I want to prioritize outreach based on positive buying signals.

  • On the Analytics dashboard, select your auto-generated account list.
  • Prioritize accounts with high Pipeline Predict scores.
  • Alternatively, add Pipeline Predict into any account selector to refine an existing list.
  • Take it to the Next Level: Layer on filtering rules to further prioritize and identify key accounts that need nurturing.

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Arm Sales with Account & People Insights

As a sales leader, I want all of our teams to be equipped with impactful information they can easily view. We’ve got you covered.

  • Customize reports and share insights using snapshot emails.
  • Look no further than your CRM for intent or engagement activity tied to your accounts.
  • Use our Sales Intelligence to see info on recent acquisitions, leadership changes, and financials within your own company territories to spark a conversation.
  • Kick it up a notch: Create custom alerts and territory digests that get delivered right to your sellers.

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