Close Opportunities Efficiently With Account Insights

Friction Kills Deals. Account Insights Grease the Way to Faster Wins.

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It’s every seller’s dream to win bigger deals, faster

But after guiding prospects through the B2B buying journey, it’s not uncommon to encounter friction that delays the close.

The cure is relevance: precisely tailoring each conversation to the prospect’s need

And personalizing experiences that drive revenue is easy when you have the right account insights at hand. Demandbase Account Intelligence injects powerful insights into every sales touch, based on all known market activity across your CRM, marketing automation, email inboxes, and website — plus anonymous insights like intent data, so you know if your competitors are sneaking into your deal.

The result? It’s like a double shot of espresso for your sales cycle. Sellers have the account insights they need to shape conversations and enlist the right decision-makers to seal the deal.

"Demandbase has been an invaluable tool in my sales stack and I use it almost every day to give me those crucial insights into the pulse of my account base. Demandbase provides those key insights and dashboards in easy to use and user friendly experiences that speed up the cycle to contact my prospects as quickly as possible while they are still hot. I love the weekly snapshot report and I know come Monday morning I'll have a new list of prospects to target for the week. I definitely recommend Demandbase for any sales organization."
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Nino Buccilla Account Executive, Pluralsight

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Wanna get your hands dirty?

Check out these step-by-step “how-to’s.”

Spot Competitive Intent Signals in Open Opportunities

As a Sales Rep, how can I get ahead of potential competitor risks in my open opportunities?

  • It’s easy. Set up key competitors and their products as intent topics and track the quantity, strength, and trending intent across your pipeline.
  • Analyze competitive intent behaviors to get ahead of competitors’ talk tracks.
  • Collaborate with marketing on competitive take down campaigns for pre-contract staged opportunities.

Explore Demandbase ABX

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Take a Multi-Threaded Approach

As a Sales Rep, I want to know which key personas in my open pipeline aren’t engaging with my brand.

  • Good thinking. Here’s how. Create custom Heatmaps to quickly understand which persona engagement strategies to deploy.
  • Find contacts with Demandbase Sales Intelligence to fill missing personas and automatically push them to CRM.
  • Take scalable action within Outreach or Salesloft to engage the entire buying committee, without leaving the ABX Platform.

Dive into the ABX Platform

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Spend Less Time Researching and More Time Selling

As a Sales Rep, I need to focus on the right accounts, connect with the right decision-makers, and hold their attention — all without spending half my day on research.

  • Piece of cake. Tap into Demandbase Account Intelligence wherever you spend the most time: on company websites, LinkedIn, or within your CRM.
  • Be alerted to business insights that give you compelling reasons to reach out, such as buyer intent signals and relevant company news.
  • Get warm introductions to your prospects with our comprehensive relationship network that combines your personal contacts, social connections, work and alumni colleagues, and more

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Empower Sales Teams with Engagement Insights

As a Sales Leader, I want all of our teams to have easy access to high priority, impactful information about their accounts.

  • Create a sales-specific dashboard within the ABX Platform to understand each seller’s territory and see associated buyer behaviors and rep activities.
  • Train your reps to keep an eye on the unified inbox to see all historical email activity, even emails that haven’t been logged in CRM!
  • Have your reps monitor anonymous and known-contact website activity within the ABX Platform, CRM, Slack, or email.

Dive into the Sales Intelligence

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Share a Complete View of Marketing & Sales Activities

As an Account Executive, I need to know what activities have been performed by sales and marketing in my accounts.

  • We can help. Get a detailed view of the content your accounts are being exposed to.
  • Tailor your conversations and share content based on account and key persona activity to remain relevant and accelerate deals forward.
  • Select recipients, channel of delivery (Slack/Email), and send frequency to manage communications.
  • Take it to the next level: Group multiple email subscriptions into a Digest view for easy viewing.

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What else can you do with Demandbase One?

We thought you might ask. So we listed our most popular use cases below.

Build a B2B go-to-market foundation

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Find and prioritize accounts

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Engage target accounts

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Close more deals, faster

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Expand and retain customers

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Inject our richer, more precise Account Intelligence into every step of the buying journey. You’ll spot opportunities earlier, engage with them more intelligently, and close deals faster. It’s that simple.

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