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It’s not about individual eyeballs. It’s about reaching the right accounts — with a tailored message, when they’re ready to buy.


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Drive awareness, opportunities, and revenue with next-gen account-based advertising

Most ad tech is built for the individual consumer — designed for reach, clicks, high volume/low consideration e-commerce transactions. B2B is different. The B2B sale is way harder. Bigger buying teams. Longer sales cycles. Dozens of touchpoints before the deal is sealed.

Demandbase Advertising Cloud is designed, built, and optimized for the mean streets of B2B.

  • Reach high-potential accounts and buyers, not empty job titles.
  • Tap into real-time buyer intent signals, not off-the-shelf consumer data.
  • Customize and personalize messages to each member of the buying committee at every stage.


Advertise smarter

Advertising Cloud is more precise and more efficient for B2B because it’s driven by Demandbase Account Intelligence — the combination of your first-party data, our rich, deep B2B dataset, and behavioral data, including intent signals.

It’s the only B2B demand side platform (DSP) optimized to reach whole buying teams in B2B accounts, so you control exactly which accounts and which prospects see your chosen ads. Choose self-service or the fully supported option — either way, you get the kind of ad results that can only come from deep insight.


End omni-spam

Irrelevant ads are spam. Relevant, timely ads help buyers figure out their options. Stop spamming your prospects and use Advertising Cloud instead.

It’s precise and scalable, so your ads create the digital air cover you need to accelerate buying journeys.

  • It’s more efficient with AI-powered bid optimization
  • It’s premium driven by a brand-safe whitelist
  • It’s transparent with flexible granular pipeline reporting, an account lens, and killer ‘eye-candy’ dashboards.

There are cheaper ways to advertise. But they end up costing way more.


Swarm your best opportunities

  • A mix of IP- and cookie-based ads reach buyers in target accounts at work, at home, or at their neighborhood Starbucks.
  • Intent signals let you spend where the heat is.
  • AccountID finds your target accounts across the web.

Boost your impact-per-dollar with Account Intelligence

  • Optimize every impression, hitting the accounts and people that matter most.
  • Automatically focus your budget with AI-guided decisions.
  • Blend in dynamic bidding to spread impressions evenly across accounts.
  • Advertise on high-quality, brand-safe sites (not questionable blogs or shady hangouts). Transparent reporting gives you confidence.

Home in on the best accounts for each campaign. Automatically.

  • Cover the whole buying team. Right message, right content, right time.
  • Automate your strategy. Create rules to automatically add or remove accounts to any given campaign.
  • Accelerate the buying journey with targeting for each stage, pre- and post-sales.

Strike while the iron’s hot

  • Respond to real buying behaviors — actual intent, not just empty job titles.
  • Reach the decision-makers in your target accounts who are in-market now.
  • Prioritize the people who drive deals – the high-intent people in each target account.

AppFolio does it. You can too!

"The beauty of account-based advertising is it's really efficient. Not only do you get the reach, but you're precisely targeting the right accounts. Demandbase has really exceeded our expectations there."
Lisa Horner SVP Marketing, AppFolio

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Demandbase Advertising Cloud is a premium ad platform for ambitious B2B folks who hate waste and spam but love charts that keep going up and to the right. Sound like you?