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Introducing CTV Advertising by Demandbase

Demandbase Connected TV Advertising, backed by our Account Intelligence, is an exciting new opportunity for B2B marketers to deliver targeted ads on premium channels buyers are watching.

Connected TV Advertising: The Next Wave of B2B Digital Advertising

From small screen to big screen, and everything in between — Demandbase, now offering Connected TV Advertising, has you covered.

You already trust Demandbase to help you advertise more intelligently, and there’s never been a better time to take your digital advertising to the next level with CTV.
  • Increasing popularity with 231M views across 75%+ of households
  • Highly engaged viewers watching content they’ve chosen
  • CTV ads are not skippable, therefore increasing brand exposure 
  • Dynamic CTV ads boost recall across other channels

Powered by Demandbase, your big screen ads will have big-time impact

You know us for our data, now use it to drive engagement on the streaming platforms your accounts watch.

  • Audiences powered by global Account Intelligence
  • Web-based intent in a cookie-free environment
  • Expert IP address resolution for accounts
  • Affordable CPM compared to traditional TV advertising

Get In on the CTV Revolution — the Demandbase way!

What are you waiting for? Get on the new wave of digital B2B advertising and run no-skip video ads across streaming platforms.

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