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Coupa Achieves A Full-Funnel ABM Solution By Pairing Demandbase With Its In-House ICP

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Coupa’s all-in-one Business Spend Management platform helps technology companies manage spend across every aspect of their organization. Simply, Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer.

When Coupa began building an ABM program, it quickly realized the need for both first-party and third-party data to gain an accurate understanding of what was happening at target accounts. The data needed to be account-based, easy to view and understand, and highly actionable.

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Demandbase One: ABX with Personalization and Advertising

"Marrying what's happening with leads and contacts with the third party offsite intent gives us much better visibility into our full funnel."
Erin Triman Senior Digital Marketing Manager

What’d Coupa Do?

Coupa chose Demandbase to meet its ABM needs. Coupa was drawn first to Demandbase because of its ability to match leads and contacts to accounts, its highly customizable Account Journey, and its first-party engagement reporting. Coupa also turned to Demandbase for account-based advertising to best-fit accounts, third-party intent, and rich website customization.

Coupa enjoys how Demandbase provides so many pieces of the ABM puzzle, allowing the company to get ABM programs up and running faster. The solution also saves time from an enablement perspective, since Coupa only needs to provide training for one product, rather than half a dozen.

At Coupa, we look at Engagement Minutes and the account ICP score, then marry that data with Demandbase onsite and offsite intent data. This gives us a comprehensive view of which accounts are more likely to buy when we’re initially choosing our account lists.
– Erin Triman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Coupa

Additionally, Coupa’s Marketing team participated in the Demandbase ABM Certification program, which made them more confident in executing its ABM strategy and galvanized the decision to marry Engagement Minutes and Demandbase offsite intent with its in-house Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) scores. The end result: targeted, strategic account lists that both the Sales and Marketing teams were excited to work on together, and which have become the heart of its ABM strategy.

How’d Coupa Do?

With Demandbase, Coupa ran an Enterprise ADR program that opened opportunities at 29% of accounts they marketed to, with 42% of the opportunities occurring at later opportunity stages in their funnel model. Their ABM program also fuels a full third of all ADR opportunities, making it an important contributor to the business.

Looking forward, Coupa is ready for the no-compromise ABM platform that Demandbase is creating. Specifically, Coupa is excited to get its Sales team into one powerful solution that provides a 360-degree view of accounts and key stakeholders, rather than having to use multiple platforms.

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