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Fresh Account Data And Contact Insights Where You Need It

Enough hunch-based selling. Engage more intelligently with sales intelligence software for B2B. Get access to continuously refreshed company, contact, technographic, and intent data in your CRM, browser, and more.


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Don’t bring hunches to a data fight.

B2B sales has changed for good. The stakes are higher, the competition fiercer. Hunch-based selling just won’t cut it. Buyers expect sellers to be informed and add value at the right time, in the right way. Anything else is just noise.

Demandbase Sales Intelligence software injects Account Intelligence into every step of B2B sales, so you can sell smarter and leave your flat-footed competitors wondering what happened.

Smarter B2B selling, driven by Account Intelligence

There’s a lot more to sales than a canned pitch and a list of direct dials. After all, you’re selling to people, not numbers — real people, at real accounts, with real problems — problems you can help solve. The key is getting them to listen, and that happens when you reach out in a way that’s not just timely, but relevant too.

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Our Sales Intelligence software puts our Account Intelligence at your fingertips — inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or your browser — so you can find more of the right prospects at the right time, engage with them on a deeper level, and win more. With Sales Intelligence Cloud, B2B sales are faster and easier than ever.

Build your friends list with sales intelligence data

  • Tap into tens of millions of company and contact profiles.
  • Zero in on the ripest prospects, armed with technographic data and buyer intent signals.
  • Use your private network to get warm introductions to prospects from people they already know.
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Skip the generic script — get relevant

Need an excuse to reach out to a prospect? Our news alerts, social insights, and intent signals give you a reason and a tailored talk track to connect with your accounts. Is the company researching products like yours? Have they expanded or been acquired? Leadership changed? Announced a killer quarter? Impress them with what you know.


Stop wasting time chasing the wrong leads

  • Build highly-refined lists of accounts and buying committees from our intelligent database of 80+ million companies and 135+ million contacts worldwide.
  • Sales intelligence software lets you customize your list using dozens of filters. News. Keywords. Technographic data. Buyer intent signals. It’s all there.
  • Target accurately with one-click data sync to CRM. Your account info will be complete and current. Always.

Leverage family connections

Did you know Converse is a subsidiary of Nike? Easy to miss, but not if you use our searchable corporate family trees. Whenever you’re assigned a new account, check out the family tree to quickly understand key relationships, grow your network, and build bridges that lead to cross-sell opportunities.


Don’t miss a thing with Sales Intelligence Software

Take Sales Intelligence with you wherever you go.

  • Prospecting on LinkedIn? Get complete contact details with the Demandbase browser extension, including email addresses, direct and mobile phone numbers.
  • Researching on a company website? Tap into our rich Account Intelligence. Right then. Right there. It’s all a click away.
  • And you can sync the data directly into your CRM. It’s the easy-peasy way to always have clean, complete data.

Sales Intelligence software helps companies crush their quotas

"All those kinds of things — reps’ confidence in the data and tools, satisfaction in their jobs, reduced turnover — really add up in the end to a product that’s worth more than its weight."
Matt Norris, NaviSite
Matt Norris Sales Operations Specialist, NaviSite

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Get the inside advantage

Sales Intelligence Cloud shows your team who matters most to you—and what matters most to them.