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Tired of Chasing the Wrong People? Use Our B2B Contact Data Instead.

Get access to 150M+ AI-curated contacts from 195 countries with our B2B contact database for sales and marketing teams.
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B2B Lead Database

Want to connect with decision-makers? You need reliable B2B contact data.

You can target accounts. In fact, we encourage you to. But at some point you need to know the people who make up the buying groups. We can help by providing you with accurate contact data.

Our B2B contact data steers you to the people you should know, and shows you how to connect with them. Our data is light-years beyond a smile-and-dial list; it’s buyer insights at your fingertips.

The World’s Smartest B2B Contact Database


AI-Curated Contacts in 195 Countries Worldwide


Validated Emails


Direct Dials

See who matters most

Who has time to slog through irrelevant, outdated contact records? Demandbase offers an ever-growing, AI-curated B2B contact database of over 150 million decision-makers and influencers worldwide.

  • Search by job title, level, function, location, connections, and more.
  • Focus on decision-maker titles, not random contacts.
  • Build out buying groups for bigger deals, faster.
  • Take our insights with you across the web with our free browser extension.
  • Easily sync our contact data directly to your CRM.
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Say goodbye to spamming prospects

Get insights to start productive conversations with a smarter B2B lead database.

  • See all your connections to instantly request warm introductions.
  • Our data + AI helps you craft relevant messages that include recent company news, surges in intent data, and more.
  • Follow key contacts to stay ahead of changes.
  • Reach out via email, direct or mobile numbers, and LinkedIn — we’ve got it all!
  • Protect your sender score — we verify email addresses every 30 days.
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Sleep well knowing our B2B contact database is squeaky clean

It’s a fact: Businesses and people are constantly changing, which means B2B contact data will never be 100% accurate. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) Still, we think ours is the best. Here’s why:

  • It’s multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated using AI and machine learning — the only reliable way to validate massive amounts of constantly changing data at scale.
  • We provide an easy “wrong info” flag so customers can let us know if something has slipped through the cracks. We then human-verify your input against multiple sources and only publish it if it passes muster. Sweet dreams!
B2B lead database

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All the B2B account data you need, without the noisy clutter

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Know when your accounts are in market to reach out at the perfect time

Go to market smarter with better B2B contact data

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