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Get to know the movers and shakers who make buying decisions at your accounts

You can target accounts. In fact, we encourage you to. But at some point you need to know the people who make up the buying teams. We can help.

Our contact data steers you to the people you should know and shows you how to contact them (no pun intended). But our data is light-years beyond a smile-and-dial list; it’s buyer insights at your fingertips.

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See who matters most

Who has time to slog through irrelevant, outdated contact records? Demandbase offers an ever-growing, AI-curated database of over 147 million decision-makers and influencers worldwide.

  • Pinpoint the right people. It’s as simple as searching by job title, level, function, location, connections, and more.
  • Save time and zero in on people with the authority to sign the deal. Our data focuses on director-level and above, as well as key managers and individual contributors who have influence over buying decisions.
  • Build out buying committees to progress deals faster and drive bigger deals with more staying power.

Say goodbye to omni-spam

Now that you’ve found the perfect prospects, there’s more to starting a productive conversation than adding them to an email blast or sequence.

  • Leverage a proprietary relationship network — private to your company — to see connections and instantly request warm introductions.
  • Craft relevant messages, powered by Account Intelligence, which includes recent news about each contact’s company, surges in intent data, and more.
  • Follow key contacts to stay ahead of changes.
  • Reach out through email, direct or mobile numbers, even LinkedIn — we’ve got it all!
  • Protect your sender score with email addresses that we verify every 30 days.

Take our reliable contact data everywhere you go

Tired of trying to do your high-performance job with low-res data? Get a complete, hi-def profile of your buyers with 24 contact data points that are constantly verified and refreshed.

  • Take our insights with you across the web with our free browser extension.
  • Easily sync our contact data directly to your CRM.

Sleep well at night, knowing our contact data is squeaky clean

It’s a fact: Businesses and people are constantly changing, which means B2B data will never be 100% accurate. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) Still, we think ours is the best. Here’s why:

  • It’s multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated using AI and machine learning — the only reliable way to validate massive amounts of constantly changing data at scale.
  • Really smart people monitor our data quality, benchmark the accuracy, and feed our machine learning models to continuously sharpen their precision.
  • We provide an easy “wrong info” flag so customers can let us know if something has slipped through the cracks. We then human-verify your input against multiple sources and only publish it if it passes muster. Sweet dreams!

It’s all part of our Account Intelligence

Demandbase Smarter GTM™ injects Account Intelligence into every step of the B2B buyer journey so you can:

  • Spot opportunities earlier and progress them faster.
  • Turn spammy interactions into relevant engagements.
  • Align sales and marketing to guide buying teams forward.
Get richer, deeper smarter Account Intelligence, then activate it with cloud solutions that bring powerful insight to every buyer interaction. This is the new, low-friction, Smarter GTM™ and you’re about a click away.
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Don’t stop now. You’re just getting started.

Learn more about what you get with our smarter Account Intelligence.

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