Demandbase B2B Buyer Intent Data

B2B Intent Data Is the New Lead. Fill Your Pipeline with In-Market Opportunities.


Understand which accounts are in-market, before they raise their hand, with B2B buyer intent data

See who’s showing interest in your company, your category, or your competitors, so you can jump on opportunities promptly before your flat-footed competitors. Use Demandbase B2B buyer intent data to trigger campaigns, personalize your messaging, avoid churn, and expand accounts.
What’s not to love?

Straight from the source

Demandbase intent data is based on years of AI research and delivers more breadth and relevance than any you’ll find anywhere else. Why? Because we own the technology to identify anonymous accounts and pair that with our direct access to the bidstream — the source for the most intent signals. Then we beef up the relevance of those signals using a combination of AI and natural language processing to:

  • Decipher context and minimize irrelevant activity.
  • Create unlimited keyword sets as specific as your own products or your competitors.
  • See historical intent, intent strength, trending intent, and the quality of each keyword.


Sites Monitored


Intent Keywords


Page Views a Day


Intent Signals a Month

Accuracy delivered

Before Demandbase intent data lights up your dashboard, it’s scoured multiple times by our data science processes to ensure its accuracy. Don’t settle for anything less. We:

  • Extract intent from the actual content on the page, not questionable SEO tags.
  • Automatically remove problematic keywords that might confuse reps.
  • Regularly review and optimize every collection practice through our dedicated data science team.

Partnering to give you more

We’re pretty proud of our proprietary intent data. (As if you couldn’t tell.) But when it comes to intent, more is better. So we also partner with other intent providers who source signals through different means, so you get the best of all worlds.

  • Import Bombora Surge® automatically every time there’s an update.
  • Prefer G2 Intent? We’ve got you covered.
  • Use another Intent provider? No problem, we can import that too.
  • Use these sources within your predictive models, engagement minutes, and more.

Intent for all stages

Ready to see how it works? Check out these day-to-day examples of how our customers use intent data across the buyer journey.

  • Pre-opportunity: Launch a brand awareness campaign for new in-market accounts.
  • Open opportunity: Discover when competitors are sneaking into the conversation to make a pre-emptive move.
  • Customers: Prevent churn and increase upsell and cross-sell based on their outside research.
Unspam Your Brand


Unspam Your Brand

Check out “The ABX Processes about Intent” chapter in Unspam Your Brand.

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