B2B Technographic Data

Pinpoint Ideal Accounts Based
on Technologies
They Use

Impress your accounts with a tailored pitch that shows you know about their technology needs. It’s easy with Demandbase B2B technographic data.

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Stop wasting time chasing accounts that don’t fit your ideal customer profile (ICP)

Do your ideal prospects use specific technologies? Imagine the time you could save if you could identify accounts by the technologies they use. Demandbase B2B technographic data gives you insights into the hardware and software your target accounts use and need.

Tailor your go-to-market around your targets’ tech

Impress your accounts with a tailored pitch that shows you know about their technology needs. It’s easy with Demandbase technographics.

  • Identify potential prospects 
  • Target your advertising
  • Prioritize your sales motions
  • Increase your relevance and customer engagement
  • Forecast more accurately
  • Stop chasing dead-end leads
"If you don’t understand your prospective customer’s existing technologies and problems, you can’t become their true trusted advisor. It’s that simple. … [Demandbase] gives us the insights we need to become trusted advisors."
Makoto Ishizaka photo
Makoto Ishizaka Go-To-Market Lead, Microsoft

The math adds up


Up to 3x higher response rates to demand generation programs


Up to 78% more cost-effective spend due to more targeted outreach


Up to 51% higher likelihood by sales to establish successful contact with targeted prospects


Up to 57% decrease in time to close new deals

You know you want it. Why not choose the best?

You won’t get all this from any other B2B technographic data provider.

  • We use an unparalleled combination of artificial and human intelligence to clean, consolidate, enhance, catalog, and score our technographic data and refresh it on a regular basis to ensure relevance and accuracy.
  • Unlike competitors who focus primarily on front-end technologies – those that are easily identified in front of the firewall – we use our AI, additional data signals, and our massive database to mine for the technologies hiding behind the firewall. The result: the largest, curated set of front-end and back-end technologies, with 82+ million domains tracked and 20K+ technologies covered.
  • We are the only provider to offer tailored technographic insights including, next technology purchase, IT spend, revenue potential, and more. 
B2B Technographic data


Domains tracked


Front-end & back-end technologies

Our B2B technographic data — your way.

Want to narrow a list, expand your market, or deeply understand a specific account? Because it’s part of our Account Intelligence, you can access our technographic data when and where you need it, across Demandbase One™.

  • Use technographics as a filter when building market segments and account lists
  • Qualify accounts that are a great fit … or not
  • See complete tech profiles within account records
  • Enrich accounts and leads with technographic data 
  • Predict which technologies a company will buy next
  • Get insights into the revenue you’re likely to earn from each account
  • Spot accounts at risk with a competitor by combining technographics with intent and engagement insights
"While we utilize a breadth of firmographic data, leveraging technographics from Demandbase to gain insight into the technology profile of our customers and the respective potential use cases for those companies is an added advantage for us."
Stephen Catalano photo
Stephen Catalano Sr. Director GTM Intelligence, DocuSign

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