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How to Build an ABM Charter with Inverta


Setting the foundation for your ABM planning

A proper ABM charter takes time to build – but it’s incredibly important (and helpful!) when planning your ABM strategy. An ABM Charter helps with three key areas:

    1. Clearly articulates “Why ABM”
    2. Aligns your organization around an ABM “North Star”
    3. Defines how to evaluate ABM’s impact and success

Watch this value-packed 10-minute overview with Kathy Macchi, Co-Founder and EVP of Services at Inverta, and Jessica Fewless, Client Partner at Inverta to learn how to build your own ABM Charter to set your ABM strategy up for success.

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Looking for more assistance with your ABM strategy? Reach out to the experts at Inverta at www.inverta.com.


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