Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Planning 2023

FY23 ABM Planning Success Kit

Set your revenue team up for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) success in 2023 with our three step planning framework that will cover:

  • Defining your ABM strategy and goals

  • Aligning your sales and marketing teams

  • Ensuring you have the right technology


1) Goals & Budgeting

ABM is a sound strategy that’s proven to work for every kind of B2B company looking to land top accounts. But just like when starting any new strategy, you need a strong game plan to execute it well.


2) Team Readiness

ABM isn’t just a marketing campaign – it’s a strategic business initiative that involves support from all departments. However, you can get started right away and increase your marketing and sales teams’ involvement over time. Start by spinning up a pilot program to prove account-based success, then fully invest in an ABM practice.

Sales teams love this

3) Technology & Execution

Technology is hugely valuable when you want to scale your ABM strategy beyond a few accounts. But few marketing tools or platforms have been designed from the ground up to support account-based plays. To be efficient and effective, you need to go beyond marketing automation tools and invest in additional ABM technology.


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