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A Marketers Tale: How ABM Was Successfully Launched at Thales

Thales, a global technology company that designs, develops and manufactures electrical systems, had one main objective they were trying to achieve across the business: Digital Transformation. For an organization that conventionally had not done many digital campaigns, they wanted to change that and use digital technologies to improve efficiency across all areas of the business.

The Thales marketing team was used to running traditional marketing campaigns. But in the Digital Transformation age, they knew they needed to do more – they needed to figure out how to implement more digitally-integrated campaigns using an account-based marketing approach, which is exactly what they did.

Thales’ Sr. ABM Manager, Rafael Melanda, takes us through exactly how he implemented an ABM strategy at Thales, including how to get senior level buy-in across the company, as well as engagement from the sales organization.

Rafael will cover how he:

  • Launched and expanded their ABM strategy globally – a crawl, walk, run approach
  • Applied ABM to identify accounts and competitive insights
  • Increased MQAs utilizing target account lists and an account-based approach
  • Changed the sales mentality from fishing with a net to fishing with a spear
  • Identified data useful to marketing and sales functions

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