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The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX)

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Read the most comprehensive book on account-based programs — ever. You’ll see why Account-Based Experience is the best way forward for every B2B revenue-producing team that wants to own its future.

  • Over 250 pages of B2B best practices
  • Includes everything we’ve learned over the last seven years about account-based programs
  • Insights harnessed from thousands of the largest and fastest-growing companies across industries on their account-based initiatives
  • Packed with actionable tips and worksheets for building effective growth strategies

Did you hear? The ABXperience event was quite a ride!

It was the virtual event to kick the summer off right.

Thought leaders in B2B shared their insights for creating a go-to-market strategy through a customer-centric lens.

It was a wonderland of ABX for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams alike.

But don't worry! If you missed it live, we have it all for you right here.

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Jon Miller — book author, Demandbase CMO, and marketing technology trailblazer — shares why The Clear & Complete Guide to ABX is the definitive book for everything you need to know about the future of account-based marketing and B2B go-to-market.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to achieving skyrocketing growth through ABX — the next evolution in B2B go-to-market strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Leverage intent and engagement insights to communicate with your best accounts with the right content, at the right time, and on their terms
  • Find the “magic moments” when you can help the buyer and significantly increase your chance of winning their business
  • Access worksheets and templates, which we’ve pulled from our most popular ebooks
  • Select the right target accounts by using the powerful FIRE technique
  • Map the non-linear account journey to a linear set of buying stages
  • Create customized content for compelling site experiences
  • Clearly articulate and meet the goals of your account-based advertising program
  • Measure ABX programs and attribute ROI at every stage of the funnel

And that’s just a drop in the bucket of what you’ll get out of this tremendous resource!

Leaders of the world’s most successful businesses agree.

To engage businesses in a modern world, revenue teams need the combined power of account-based marketing, traditional lead generation, and customer-centricity — the trifecta that makes up Account-Based Experience. Hear what ABXperts have to say:

  • Joel Harrison
    Jon was amongst the first to identify the enormous potential of ABM, and this book will set the agenda for ABM's next evolution. If you're already an ABMer, or if you're only starting to consider it now, this is a must-read book.
  • David Lewis
    Jon Miller’s thought-leadership and marketing technology innovations have been invaluable to the entire B2B marketing community. He’s once again taken his big brain and crafted a fantastic recipe book for your ABX initiatives.
  • Megan Heuer
    Managing Director
    Winning by Design
    Jon Miller's latest book shares the invaluable secrets he's learned plus the knowledge of many others who've redefined how to engage customers in meaningful ways.
  • Randy Frisch
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Jon's book highlights that ABM doesn't end with picking the list of accounts that should buy from us, but finding ways to engage them in an experience that compels them to.

The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX)