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Using Intent For High-Powered Campaigns


What if you had a crystal ball that could reveal how hungry prospects are for your solutions and what will satisfy their cravings? You can when you have intent on your menu! Intent helps you identify accounts that may be hot, lukewarm or cold for your solutions. Measuring and targeting accounts based on their degree of intent (High, Med, Low, Trending) gives you insight into where they are in the buyer’s journey and can help you prioritize your spend and outreach strategy for each account.



  • Demandbase One™ ABX
  • Demandbase One™ Advertising
  • Your Marketing Automation and other relevant tools
  • Demandbase Orchestration (optional)
Defined TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Your TAM is any account that could be a good fit for your company. Your TAM is typically based on firmographics such as revenue, employee, industry, headquarters, etc. Sales and marketing should be aligned around a defined TAM.

Defined Intent keywords or groups

Intent keywords are words or phrases that you expect interested accounts to read about on a web page. Keywords help you:

  • See who’s showing interest in your company, your category, or your competitors
  • Spot in-market accounts (new or expansion)
  • Expose your accounts that are flirting with the competition
  • Personalize your messages with relevant keywords
  • Target ads to high-intent decision-makers

Keywords can be organized in sets of similar words or phrases. For example, a set of keywords that are related to one product group or industry.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Build your TAM directly in DB1 based on the appropriate criteria (revenue, employee size, industry, etc.), or use any existing field in your CRM. For example, all accounts that fit your TAM criteria may already be checked as a “TAM” by a custom field in your CRM.

This step is important because it will ensure you focus only on accounts that have the potential to be good-fit customers.


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setting up a segment in DB1

NOTE: if you haven’t set up keyword sets, you may want to do so before building your lists. See How

Build three different lists for each keyword or keyword set and level of intent. At Demandbase we have solutions for Sales Intelligence and Advertising. For each product set, we build three lists. For example:

  • Advertising keyword set plus High Intent and Trending Intent
  • Advertising keyword set plus Medium Intent
  • Advertising keyword set plus Low Intent

Repeat this process to build out lists for each of your campaigns.

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Account selectors for High Intent list

Set up an advertising campaign with your list; export it for use in other platforms; or deliver it to other destinations via Demandbase Orchestration.

Because we know they are in market, consider higher spends for campaigns targeting accounts with High Intent.


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Selecting a list in advertising campaign set up

Orchestration destinations for your list

Measure the performance throughout the funnel of High, Medium, and Low intent groups to see the impact on deal size, conversion rates, and deal acceleration and velocity. In addition, you’ll want to measure the performance against groups that have NO intent to set your baseline.

For example, if you put each intent group into a different nurture stream, you’ll want to measure channel-level metrics like open rate, click rate, and MQLs, in addition to the top-line metrics listed above.

Rinse and repeat to get the most out of your campaigns and start seeing the value of intent!


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