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Smarter Campaign Investments Through Account Tiering


This one is low-lift with high impact and pairs well with making the case for additional campaign investments. And just as menus are broken up by course, top-performing organizations are tiering and segmenting accounts based on desired business outcomes.



  • Sales and marketing alignment on account tiering criteria
  • Demandbase One™ ABX
  • Demandbase One™ Advertising

Step-by-Step Instructions

Account tiers should align with desired business outcomes and guide how you spend your time and budget on programs.

Leverage your TAM (total addressable market) and layer on account scoring to define your tiers.

For example, your accounts might be scored based on a number of attributes, such as technographics, engagement data, predictive scores, and industry. The different attributes are then weighted to produce the final account score.

Mapping account criteria to tiers

After defining your tiers, share them with sales leadership and ensure that the criteria are representative of accounts that are the right fit.

Create account scores that serve as guidelines for the account tiers. For example, accounts with a score of 4.5 or higher qualify for tier 1 (the most important tier.) Accounts with a score of below 3 should not be included in the target account list.

Ultimately, this step is to make sure that both sales and marketing are completely aligned around which counts are of the highest priority. This is a critical step to ensure your efforts maximize ROI.

Start to segment out your account lists by the different tiers that you defined. Note that you don’t have to start with all tiers segmented out if this seems too daunting. Instead, you can start by segmenting out tier 1 accounts from the rest of the accounts.

Based on the learnings from this initial test, you will start to gain key insights like the right level of investment, target impressions, etc. You can apply these learnings to campaigns as you start to segment out tiers further.

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Export your list to your advertising campaigns or to other platforms.

Because we know the value of each tier with respect to desired business outcomes, consider higher spend and effort for campaigns targeting your top account tiers. For example, in your tier 1 campaigns, you might have a spend of $50 per account, and in your tier 2 campaigns, it might only be a $30 spend per account.


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Example of advertising program set up based on account tier

Measure the performance throughout the funnel for each account tier to see the impact on deal size, conversion rates, deal acceleration, and velocity. In addition, you’ll want to measure the performance against groups that are not part of your tiers to set your baseline.

In addition to funnel metrics, measure campaign lift and engagement minutes. These will help you better understand how your content is resonating with your audience so that you can make adjustments along the way.

Rinse and repeat to get the most out of your campaigns and identify the criteria for accounts that are a best-fit customer.


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  • Connect with your account team to learn how we can help you define your account tiers.

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