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How to Use Prescriptive Sales Intelligence Dashboards with Target Accounts

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March 19, 2024

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How to Use Prescriptive Sales Intelligence Dashboards with Target Accounts

Approaching new territories can be daunting.

So much research, so much personalization, so little time.

As a seller who lives this every day, I’m going to detail how I’m using Demandbase’s new Prescriptive Sales Dashboards to get off zero as quickly as possible.

So, what is it?
Prescriptive Sales Dashboards offer a unified and prioritized view of a seller’s territory / account list where sellers spend most of their time (i.e. CRM, Outreach, web app).

What problem does it solve?

Sellers often do not know where to focus their outreach efforts on a daily or weekly basis. This dashboard prioritizes the accounts that matter to the individual salesperson. Using Pipeline Predict Scores, Qualification Scores, engagement, intent, and news events, the Prescriptive Sales Dashboard ensures that sellers always know the best accounts to target on any given day based on a combination of insights that indicate their readiness to buy.

Demandbase Prescriptive Sales Dashboards

Ruthless Prioritization of Time

Sales reps spend less than 30% of their time actually selling per recent Salesforce research. The reps who can limit distractions and increase their time selling will have the best shot at p-club.

Basic sales enablement tools might give you a sense for where to start, but end up leaving thorough sellers to either hunt down or, worse, guess, the reasons they’re being told an account might be ready to purchase.

Demandbase keeps it simple.

“Show me accounts I should reach out to,” is the straightforward prompt that stack-ranks a list of accounts showing exactly that, the accounts you should reach out to… and tells you WHY. Then you just start at the top with the accounts showing the most buying signals and work your way down.

Demandbase Prescriptive Sales Dashboards

You can take it a step further and batch your outreach based on similar themes. That way, you’ll get the most mileage out of every creative email idea (and maybe have some brain power left for that forecast due later today).

Demandbase Prescriptive Sales Dashboards

Context is Everything

Speaking of creative efforts, context is everything when calling on a new account list.

Clever personalization is table stakes these days, but you do need an angle. Prospects will only give you a fraction of their time if what you’re saying aligns with their highest priorities.

A top-level view of their most important actions tells whether they’re serious and where to start with messaging. Are they responding to campaigns, a new webinar, or reading up on persona-specific use cases and competitive comparisons?

Every action tells a story.

Demandbase Prescriptive Sales Dashboards

Right Message, Right People, Right Time – Don’t Overthink It

It’s well known that 70% of the B2B buyers’ journey happens before anyone raises a hand.

Demandbase has always helped teams detect early stage buying signals with anonymous company-level and known contact-level engagement.

Now, it recommends additional people that might be involved in the buying committee based on key personas.

Bottom line, Demandbase’s Prescriptive Sales Dashboard will help you find the people in the buying committee that have the most immediate pain.

From there, you can do what you do best, make the calls and make the most of your new territory.

Good luck out there.

PS – Check out more tools for sales here.

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Gray Fuller

Commercial Lead, Demandbase

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