Jon Miller
Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Demandbase
As Chief Marketing and Product Officer of Demandbase, I'm responsible for delivering Demandbase’s product vision to delight customers and fulfill its mission of transforming how B2B companies go-to-market. I have a long history of establishing and leading some of the most notable marketing technology companies. Most recently, I was co-founder and CEO of Engagio, the leading Account-Based Orchestration Platform. Earlier, I co-founded and held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Marketo (acquired by Adobe).
How can you effectively determine the tactics and level of personalization to leverage for your accounts? The Styles of ABX can guide you.
In ABX, the Marketing and Sales departments operate as a team. Players work together to pass the ball back and forth down the field to create and win new business and drive account growth.
The “play” is the perfect metaphor for orchestration since it reflects the fact that there are multiple people at your company working together to interact with the account.
Your brand can have a massive impact on the success of all aspects of your go-to-market. Without good brand support, even the greatest ABX programs will have you struggling to hit your goals.
B2B markets are more competitive than ever. So how do sales teams break through the cacophony? Intent data.
ABX lets us work with buying teams on their own terms: anonymously when they want to be, helpful and relevant when they’re ready –– and always based on trust.
Companies need to build trust with potential buyers, identify the magic moments when customers are open to engaging, and then orchestrate the perfect interactions across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.
If data is so great, then why aren’t more companies using it more effectively? The answer is simple. Up until today, it’s been too hard.
ABX doesn’t invalidate your current ABM and lead-based strategies. It makes them stronger — by adding the critical principles of Customer Experience (CX).
What Marketing and Sales teams need is one no-compromise solution that combines the engageability of inbound marketing AND the precision and targeting of ABM.
A few early adopters of Demandbase One graciously agreed to sit down and give us a peek into what it’s like to use the new ABM Platform to take their ABM to the next level. Here's what they had to say.
It’s time to change the conversation around B2B marketing. The future of B2B is dependent on our ability as marketers to work with sales as a team at every stage of the account journey. Will you adapt?